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Yoni Speaks: What Your Vagina Is Telling You

Our bodies (and our yoni!) are incredibly intelligent. Part of coming into ourselves is learning how to speak the language of the body. Learning to tune in and watch for subtle cues (and some not so subtle ones) allows us to get in touch with our physical beings, and our health.

The vaginal area does a lot for us. It allows menstruation, discharge, and babies to pass through. It is the gate for our sexual pleasure. It holds generations of wisdom, trauma, and stories. Yet too often, we ignore what it’s trying to communicate with us. 

Anything going on with your vagina and reproductive organs give us a key inside look into our overall health. Whether that be imbalances that may be happening or energetic blocks. 

Here we break down what your vagina may be trying to tell you…


Ah discharge. This wonderful excretion can be used to quickly notice any sort of imbalance that your yoni may be processing. Clear or white to pale yellow are all within the realm of normal and may fluctuate depending on where you are in your cycle.

While yellowish to green discharge could be normal, if it has a chunky consistency or strong odor, it could indicate an STI or other infection. Light gray to dark grey discharge may be indicative of BV, or bacterial vaginosis. BV is a totally normal and treatable infection. Yoni steaming is a wholesome DIY way you can help treat BV at home.


Vaginas are part of the living organism of our bodies. Which means that smells are a normal part of having one. Your yoni’s scent fluctuates throughout your menstrual cycle, as well with dietary changes and activity levels. 

If something just smells a little off, it could mean you have:

  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • A sexually transmitted infection
  • A yeast infection
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Sensitivity to your underwear, laundry soap, condoms, or another person’s fluids

Urinary Tract Imbalances

Most of us have had a UTI at one point or another. We’re all too familiar with the itching, burning, and constant need to pee that accompanies this inconvenient and painful infection. 

Some people are more prone to UTIs than others simply because of their anatomy. Others may get them as a result of autoimmune disorders, pregnancy, or with certain barrier methods of birth control. Often time, this creates a loop of antibiotic usage that may not get to the root of the issue, while disrupting the delicate balance of the human microbiome.

Depending on how far up the urinary tract the infection has gone, UTIs are typically treatable through herbal medicine and other holistic remedies.

Scar Tissue

Something that we don’t hear discussed very often is the scar tissue that many women have in their vaginal canal, cervix, and uterus. This can be a result of different kinds of trauma, pregnancy, infection, or after a gynecological procedure. 

A buildup of scar tissue can cause a desensitization within this area, affecting many women’s sex lives. Self-massage, yoni steams, and treatments like sexological bodywork can help to break down this scar tissue, and increase circulation.


Our yonis are the portals for new life to travel through. With this capacity, we have the space within us to breathe new creations into being, whether that be a human, business, or creative endeavor. Energetic blocks, however, are far too common amongst yoni holders. Whether they be from sexual trauma, birth trauma, programmed shame around our body parts, or anything else.

This highly sensitized area can easily become “frozen” or disconnected. Many physical issues with our reproductive organs, whether serious or just uncomfortable, stem from these blocks we carry. When we’re experienced second chakra blockages, we may find difficulty tapping into our creative powers or the flow of abundance. 

Meditation over your sacral chakra, especially with a tool like a yoni egg allows you to tap into your vaginal portal with a tangible way to ground back down into the earth. Learn about this sacred practice here.

Mahina’s Yoni Blossom Herbal Detox Wand made from herbaceous plants in bushes in South East Asia can be used to balance pH levels, treat infections and chronic UTIs, and alleviate Candida (yeast). 

These products are tools to support diving deeper into the sensations of the body, as well as giving your yoni love and attention, to connect with your full self.

As a disclaimer, none of these tips are clear cut and dry, and may not give you enough information to be used as a self-diagnostic tool. Use this information as a guideline, but know when to seek outside help. 

Above all else, trust the intuition of your body. We are our own best healers, and when given the space to truly listen, often the answers pour through us.

With yummy yoni love, Alila Rose Grace