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Your Initiation into Vaginal Steaming

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♛ A step-by-step guide from Alila Grace on how to properly, effectively and safely set up your at home v-spa

♛ An intro into Body-Literacy: the ability to listen and respond to your body in a way that serves you, heals you and awakens you. 

♛ Feeling sensual, empowered, and wise beyond your years. 

♛ A road-map to heal trauma and create safety from the inside out.

Your ♛STEAM QUEEN♛ Includes:

Your V-Spa Kit

- 100% cedar wood gorgeous Rose Queen Steam Seat

- 4ozs of organic, biodynamic blessed herbal elixir for your vaginal delight

How-to Videos and MP3s

- Nine HD videos guiding you into the mystical world of vaginal steaming
- Comprehensive how-tos and safety
- Steaming protocols for various feminine life-cycles

Guided Shamanic Womb Meditations

- Two guided journeys through your luscious feminine landscape.

- You will be lead into the deep mystery, to return with a bounty of soul insights.

V-Steam Academy Upgrade

- You will receive a $100 credit towards the purchase of V-Steam Academy, our primer certification program


Step into a Queen level of self-care with the most effective practice for holistic pelvic support on the planet. V-steaming offers a bounty of benefits physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to reconnect you with your sacred center, cleanse your reproductive system, down-regulate your system and support you on your deep feminine embodiment.

Please chose which herbal blend you desire to include in your Steam Queen bundle. You may also chose to add an extra bag of herbal delight at checkout.

**To complete your v-spa set up you will need a metal bucket, sold separately and a link to the one we love will be in your inbox**

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