Your body has an innate Intelligence

Your period is an untapped wellspring for you to unlock this intelligence.

It’s the doorway to your greatest evolution and awakening. 

Your period holds all the mysteries, magic and wisdom of your unique soul signature.

Every month, a door opens for you to enter accelerated dimensions of healing potential and creative genius.

Yes, your greatest assets is in your ability to listen to and respond to your CYCLICAL WISDOM. 

Period Alchemy is where science marries sacred

☾Ancient Tantric practices
☾Reproductive Anatomy
☾Behavioral Psychology
☾Womb Consciousness
☾Women's Herbalism
☾Wisdom gathered from ancient sites and elder teachers from traveling the globe for over a decade


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Love, you're in the right place if you've been struggling with:

  • ꩜ PMS that wreaks havoc on your life
  • ꩜ Painful periods
  • ꩜ Unmanageable mood swings
  • ꩜ Feeling unworthy 
  • ꩜ Binge or disordered eating (primarily around your period)
  • ꩜ Hormonal imbalances (headaches, breakouts, digestive disorders, irregular periods, weight fluctuations)
  • ꩜ Fertility challenges 
  • ꩜ Reproductive aliments (PCOS, endometriosis, uterine displacement, fibroids)
  • ꩜ Energy levels that knock you on your ass when you have too much to do
  • ꩜ Unfulfilling sex or lack of libido
  • ꩜ Confusion around your life’s purpose or soul’s mission
  • ꩜ Manifesting what you truly desire (and deserve)
  • ꩜ Trying to get everything done on your to-do list and feeling like your period is holding you back from doing all you need to

On this journey you will learn how to: ​

  • ♛ ENJOY your period (yes it’s possible!)
  • ♛ Schedule your life effectively in a way that supports your biology rather than fights it
  • ♛ Skyrocket your confidence
  • ♛ Fall in love with your body and all it’s beautiful female gifts
  • ♛ Boost your sex life
  • ♛ Decipher what your body is saying to you
  • ♛ Enhance your creative output in a way that serves you instead of drains you
  • ♛ Tune into your rhythmic cycles so you know when to go fast and when to go slow
  • ♛ Use your energetic highs and lows as your secret superpower
  • ♛ Feel radiant and on top of your game.. all month long

“ I had the WORST experience with my period my whole life. I never thought it would change. I was resigned to taking pain killers and hating my body, my hormones, and cursing my blood because it was in my mind a curse.

Though Period Alchemy I have completely transformed my period by using the simple, powerful and nurturing practices. I now honor the Wisdom of my period and my body as how it ebbs and flows! I love my uterus and all my female goddess prowess!! Gahhh so powerful!
~Izumi Hamagaki

Meet Your Guide:
Alila Grace

Holistic pleasure, period + wellness coach

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup and V-steam Academy,  is a menstrual advocate + holistic wellness coach. She is an international speaker and writer, inspiring women to live in their purpose, passion and pleasure. Alila encourages the awakening of your souls mission, through the translation of your body’s wisdom.

Alila is a mamapreneur, deeply passionate about honoring our bodies and our planet. She has traveled many corners of the globe, receiving ancient wisdom traditions and translating them into accessible and potent practices for our modern lives. She is determined to initiate women world-wide into their innate radiance, wisdom and magic. She will surely return you to Love.

What's Inside:


Have you ever felt stuck in a certain pattern or story that is not serving you? This module will offer you the building blocks to your reproductive success as well as the initial keys to activate your total transformation. You will awaken to the subconscious programs you are running and how to work with them in a loving and healing way. Dive into the secrets of period consciousness and learn how science has proven that you have the ability to alter your period at a molecular level. 

You may feel ‘too busy’ to deal with your period and I promise you, by paying attention to your period, you will have MORE time available, and you’ll be able to use your time more effectively.


Do you know what’s going on inside your own body? If your answer is “No Clue”, you are not alone! Most women have no idea how their body functions.

Imagine trying to buy pants and having no clue what size you are, or even how many legs you have?! I know that sounds silly, however if you don’t know your own anatomy you are walking around BLIND. Here we will lift the veil and take a peek at what is truly happening inside that magical and wonderful body of yours. 

You will learn the female reproduction you wish you learned in grade-school.


Do you suffer in silence? Your pain has a unique message for you and the louder the pain, the louder the calling is to listen.  Pain is not the message, it’s the messenger. The truth is you are so busy distracting yourself because you are scared to feel the depths of your being. It’s by being willing to explore these depths that the most glorious treasures are found.

By unearthing and casting love upon your shadow, every relationship that you have on this planet will only get better, more authentic and more loving. Including the most important relationship you have, the one with yourself.

In this module, I will teach you the greatest life skill you can learn to draw upon: deciphering the pain messages of your body and your period.


This information will change your LIFE in every way!! By knowing your cycle, your rhythms and your norms you will have a birds eye view on your reproductive and overall wellness at all times. You will instantly know if something is off and you will be able to take action before symptoms arise. Once you tune into these innate inner rhythms you will optimize your life, improve your relationships and enhance your capacity to manage projects. You will flow with your inner waters rather than battling upstream.

This is the place where you get to OWN your f*cking life, while remaining in total alignment with your natural pulse.


So often, when it comes to yourself, you do the bare minimum. Well let me tell you something sister – you are worth WAY more than the bare minimum. The secret is, when you fill up your own cup, you have even more to give to those you love. When you take the time to love yourself, you will have more energy, more love, more wisdom and more creativity to share share share. This module is all about honoring yourself so you can honor the world around you. It’s my joy to lavish you in period self-care and holistic pleasure practices.

It’s going to feel awkward and even selfish at first to prioritize this amount of self-care. However, by giving yourself permission to rest, you generate more, not less.


Enter the gateway from the mundane into the mystical. These teachings will imprint you with the mysteries and the magic that are within you. It will change the way you look at your period forever! It will spark within you a divine remembrance and acceleration of your spiritual path. Your period is the most transformative invitation that you are blessed with every single month. When you learn to properly work with these energies, your life becomes a divine expression of your love and your offerings overflowing into the world. 

This module is for you to remember who you are.


You may be wondering if this journey is for you...

If you have a period and you made it this far, something inside you is saying,

"Yes, this is for me!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Red Tent Creatrix mini course is available to you immediately upon registration.

Period Alchemy module 1 unlocks when you register and drips weekly so I can track you along the way. 

The content is available to you indefinitely.

As a solo mama, CEO of a Mahina Cup and creatrix of courses, i can ASSURE you that the ROI (return on investment) as far as time will actually end up giving you so much time in return.

When you approach your life with grounded clarity and cyclical execution, you will have more more time to yourself!

Each module is about 2-4 hours with all the video content, deep dives, guest experts and embodiment practices.


You’re in for life sister!  You will have access to all the content, including upgrades and add-ons, for as long as it exists.

I believe in this work with all of me. It 100% works if you do. If you feel the call, jump in. No backdoors sister. This will hold you accountable and will contain the alchemy for your transformation.

Email us at and we are happy to answer any Qs you got.