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Pleasure as Prayer


♛ A 7″ or 10″ hand-made Vajra Pleasure wand inside a luscious velvet storage pouch. 

♛ An intro into self-pleasure as a ritual. 

♛ Feeling expanded in your capacity of pleasure and play. 


Your Vajra Pleasure Wand

- Stunning hand-blown textured glass infused around a copper rod.

- A luscious velvet storage case

Self-Pleasure Embodiment Guide

- A downloadable pdf that guides you into your deep pleasure potential.
- Self-pleasure as a prayer to uplevel your life.

Sacred Pleasure Playlist

- Hours of sensual tunes to get you in the mood.

Sacred Breast Massage Tutorial

- Learn ancient tantric techniques using breast massage to embody your pleasure as an expression of your Love.
- Supports physical breast health

"WOW, hard to find words to define the potency of this wand that easily invites a multi-orgasmic experience. Through opening, spiraling, and stimulating with the wand, it creates a long lasting level of orgasm at the g-spot and deeper than anything I can access myself. I feel fulfilled, opened, inspired, and whole throughout the day. It's overflowed into all the other realms of my life, were I'm showing up more confidently and gracefully."
- Erika


Blending glass art with pleasure care brings you this exquisite wand of ultimate satisfaction.

Vajra is a Sanskrit word that translates to diamond or thunderbolt.

The frequency encoded into the copper of this beloved wand is to activate your diamond light body through a thunderbolt of pleasure while ushering you to the seat of your Empress embodiment.

Vajra is here to expand you into your deepest seat of pleasure, where you find that overflow of juicy radiance and magnetize all you desire.

I’ve been testing her out for some months now, and the manifestations, magnifications and orgasmic expansion has been truly magnificent.

Manifestation is also about creating a felt sense of safety to receive, and by unwinding the vaginal canal, you can unlock tension, trauma and beliefs that are holding you in stuck patterns.

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