Become a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator & learn how to confidently lead women into deep healings and activations.

✯ Calling all spiritual teachers, facilitators, practitioners and healers.✯

Are you ready to up-level your offerings to make more money and a bigger impact on your clients?  

Imagine this::

♛ Waking up with passion, eager to serve in a way that is purposeful and aligned with your deepest values.

♛ Having an overflowing wellspring of tools, wisdom and support to help heal the collective feminine embodiment.

♛ Feeling proud, empowered, well paid and deeply valued for your offerings.

Join me in this luscious tidal wave of women supporting women reclaim their soverignty, magic and power ⥥

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Why You Should Offer V-Steaming ⥥

Vaginal Steaming is hot on the rising trend at the moment because it is the most EFFECTIVE way for the feminine to embody and access her deep wellspring of wisdom.

V-steaming is an ancient practice done throughout every indigenous culture as it remains the #1 holistic tool for feminine wellness, pelvic floor restoration, and spiritual health.

Graduating from the V-Steam Academy will grant you with a certification to offer vaginal steaming sessions, ceremonies, parties and unique offerings that will support you to increase your income & your impact. You will receive tangible tools, spiritual practices, herbal wisdom, ancestral remembrance, space holding abilities and everything you need to create a successful and creative vaginal steaming business. 

"The course was incredible, I love how multifaceted it is. I love that it weaves together practical application, protocols, communication with the plant medicine and energetic space holding for this powerful practice...I found the course to be so liberating! I put this as a testament to how deeply embodied Alila is with her transmission and connected she is with her source. I feel the yoni steam priestess codes that were unearthed through this learning has fed into practically every aspect of my life.”

What's Inside𓆃

Module 1


We start our bountiful journey together into a deeper discovery of yourself and your holding space abilities for the deep feminine. 

What we cover:

  • ✧ What is a v-steam
    ✧ Your uterus, your queen
    ✧ “The wandering womb”
    ✧ The feminine path of awakening
    ✧ Creating your own v-steam home practice  
  • ✧ Belly check in


You will learn how to confidently speak with clients about v-steaming as well as create your marketing materials. 

Together, we discover: 

  • ✧ Reproductive anatomy 101
  • ✧ Bountiful benefits of a v-steam 
  • ✧ Steaming for the 3 Goddess archetypes 
  • ✧ Indications & Counter-indications 
  • ✧ Belly massage on the throne

Module 2

Module 3


In this module we dive into the herbal gifts and treasures of all the major herbal allies we use for v-steam treatments. 

Grab some tea and a notebook: 

  • ✧ Herbal HERstory 
  • ✧ The language of the Body 
  • ✧ A Holistic view of herbs
  • ✧ Herbal consciousness 
  • ✧ Breast Love
  • ✧ V-steam Herbal Dictionary


I am so excited to initiate you into one of my favorite aspects of facilitating a v-steam – The Ceremony! Get ready to take your clients from mundane to magical. 

This is one of the main focuses that sets this training apart from others.

Delight your senses:

  • ✧ Elements of a Ceremony
  • ✧ Magic of Intentions
  • ✧ Holding Space + setting boundaries
  • ✧ The Law of Harmonic Resonance
  • ✧ What to do when your shit’s up
  • ✧ A step by step guide to getting your client  on and off  her throne
  • ✧ Re-orienting for grateful integration 

Module 4

Module 5


In this module we get LIT on the business of steaming. Yes, I know, it can seem weird to charge for something that should be a gift to every woman. 

Alila fire bringing you:

  • ✧ What it means to be holistic
  • ✧ Following threads
  • ✧ Creating polarity with your clients
  • ✧ Building your brand
  • ✧ Inclusive language
  • ✧ Gathering your supplies
  • ✧ Client intake forms


We have spent a lot of time setting the foundations to your journey to becoming a v-steam facilitator, nourishing and cleansing your own roots. Now it’s time to rise into your greatness!

Prepare yourself for lift-off in:

  • ✧ Building your tool kit
  • ✧ Creating meditations
  • ✧ Holding group ceremonies
  • ✧ Presencing trauma
  • ✧ And so much more to discover..

Module 6

"Since completing V-Steam Academy, I have been offering yoni steam group sessions to my community and the healing & transformation I'm witnessing is truly magical.”
-Sarah Fay

Meet Your Guide
Alila Grace

Holistic Female Embodiment Coach
Alila is an international speaker and writer, supporting women to heal trauma, awaken Shakti, claim their sovereignty and become body-literate. She is the intersection of holistic womb care, tantric arts and somatic embodiment. Alila is a pleasure, period and v-steam expert offering you a sacred dose of intellect mixed with soulful spirituality.  
Many refer to Alila as a “womb witch” because she has traveled many corners of the globe, initiated in ancient wisdom traditions and distilling them into accessible practices for your modern evolution. She’s fluent in the mystical language of the feminine landscape.
Alila will guide you back to the love that you are.ꨄ

Claim your Space NOW and Receive these BONUSES :



With purchase of V-Steam Academy you will receive your first month of this delicious 2 hr treat complementary!

Every month Alila Grace and her team of special guests present you with a space to heal the past, feel safe in your body, awaken your Shakti (feminine life-force) circuity, share the prayer for your life, vision your epic future, sing the song of your womb, receive clear messages from your body’s wisdom and ultimately remember who you are and why you came to play in your holy body at this potent time on the planet.



Every month you will get an exclusive invitation to join Alila and the rest of the v-steam sisterhood LIVE.


This is the most in depth & holistic Vaginal Steaming Practitioner Certification available. By implementing the marketing materials provided, you will be able to make back the investment within 5 – 7 private sessions or 1 – 2 group sessions. 

You have the option to pay for V-Steam Academy in one payment or in installments.

One Time


Payment Plan

**If you've journeyed through my free masterclass: please check your inbox for a discount code. If you did not receive one, please write to alila@alilagrace.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

The course is available to you in FULL the moment you sign up.

As a solo mama, CEO of a Mahina Cup and creatrix of courses, i can ASSURE you that the ROI (return on investment) will end up giving you so much time in return.

When you are centered in your womb wisdom and clear of density, you will have more vitality, clarity and precision with your precious time resource!

The content is in your portal with ‘life-time’ access so you really can take our time diving into the information as it aligns with your schedule. Inside there are 11 high-quality HD videos, 2 audio download meditations and an Herbal Steam Guide.


I believe in this course with all of me and it’s proven to 100% get results if you show up for yourself. Transparency is a core value of our community and we put a lot of effort into an accurate representation of the Academy experience. I’m happy to answer any questions you have in advance. Due to this product being digital and immediately accessible, we do not offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Email Alila directly with any questions at alila@alilagrace.com

I recommend purchasing the course package with V-Steam Queen Spa. It will prepare you to be the most successful in your home-practice and life-long wellness journey. You can see that option when you check out.

"How did the ROSE ever open its HEART and give to this world all of its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of LIGHT against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened."