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The Rose Room

Tend to your vulva like you would tend to your heart, both desire to open.

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Enter the fragrant room where the feminine roses are watered, honored, and blossom open. Here is your highest echelon of women’s holistic wellness, self-care and preventative practices.

Feeling good is not a luxury, it’s a daily ritual.

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JoyLux: Inter-V Red Light Healing Wand





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Steam Queen

Initiation into Vaginal Steaming
Step into a Queen level of self-care with the most effective practice for holistic pelvic support on the planet. V-steaming offers a bounty of benefits physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to reconnect you with your sacred center, cleanse your reproductive system, down-regulate your system and support you on your deep feminine embodiment. This course and product bundle is your premier vaginal steaming initiation.
For the curious one ready to be initiated into the wonderful and intoxicating world of vaginal steaming. This course marks the beginning of your journey into your sacred and holistic pelvic floor care and will teach and tantalize you emotionally, physically, spiritually and soulfully.

Breast Friends

Self-Love Breast Massage Coursette
A self-love massage mini for your beautiful, bountiful and healthy breasts. Breasts are sadly often either ignored or over-sexualized and our breasts are one of the paramount landmarks of feminine radiance, abundance and love. In this exploration of our breasts, together we learn various techniques, tools and empowering education to embody our breast energy and let go of our hyper-focus on size and shape. When you embrace your breasties, they will plump, tone, flourish and magnetize the love you put out into the world. This mini course is all you need to cherish, honor and revitalize your breasts.
For every person with breasts that wants to learn tangible tools to adore, honor, and revitalize their breasts. This bountiful mini will cover a wide range of energetic, physical and emotional breast techniques.

Meet the Creatrix

Alila Grace

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup, is a vagina wellness expert and soul embodiment coach. She is an international speaker and writer, inspiring women to live their purpose, passion and pleasure. Alila encourages your personal mission, through the translation and opening of your body’s wisdom. She believes this is your greatest asset and ally.

Alila is a dedicated mama, deeply passionate about honoring our bodies & planet as our personal & collective temples. She has traveled many corners of the globe, receiving ancient wisdom traditions and translating them into accessible practices and products for our modern lives.

The Rose Room was created in devotion to the Feminine and her deep need to honor herself. A woman who is open in her body and backed by the power of love in her heart is unstoppable. And Alila believes that we desperately need more women courageously loving their world, open.

Steam Queen
The best way to start to explore your femininity.​
Breast Friends
A Self-Love Massage Salonette​
Period Alchemy
Period Alchemy is where science marries womb consciousness.​
Empress Way

5 week LIVE Yoni Egg Initiation Course​

V-Steam Academy
Ready to become a full spectrum vaginal steaming facilitator? This is for you.​
1:1 Embodied Intimacy
Intimate 1:1 Container for your tailored pathway to embodied self-mastery
All access pass to the entire Online Mystery School library

Discover Your Roadmap to

Feminine Mastery

Meet me at the trailhead of your step-by-step journey to the peak of your embodiment. If you are ready to expand your capacity for life, follow the spiral to the center.