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JoyLux: Inter-V Red Light Healing Wand

Revive your Vagina

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♛ A inter-vaginal red light therapy healing wand

♛ A discreet and elegant travel case

♛ A guided meditation for healing and awakening your vaginal canal.

Your JoyLux: Inter-V Red Light Healing Wand Includes:

JoyLux Inter-V Red Light Wand

-Enjoy the bountiful healing benefits of red light therapy to revive your V
- Advanced red-light technology for improved intimate wellness

Guided Healing Light Meditation

- Enjoy a serene guided meditation into bathing your luscious lady parts with healing light, inside and out.

The Pleasure Playlist

-Tune into a seductive musical wonderland that inspires you to get into the breast mood.


- Unlock the JoyLux app for more power, sessions and sonic pulsations

JoyLux: Inter-V Red Light Healing Wand

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Welcome to the modern day experience of the easiest and highest echelon of vaginal care.

Red light therapy is gaining lots of attention right now for it’s broad range of benefits, and now your V can experience them to.

JoyLux is an inter-vaginal healing red light wand that takes only 10 minutes to re-charge, regenerate and restore your V.

Read more about the benefits and science of JoyLux here.

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