The Empress Way 

Discover how to use yoni eggs to feel safe in your body, nourish your creative circuitry, heal from the past and embody a life you love

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LIVE 5 week embodiment journey
Begins 5.16.2023 @ 2pm pst

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Enter the succulent world of yoni eggs.

A unique and flavorful blend of ancient Taoist Wisdom, tantric arts & somatic nervous system regulation while using yoni eggs as our tool for deep, intimate and gentle healing.

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5-module LIVE Yoni egg embodiment course

8+ hours of live teachings with Alila

There is an energy inside you.
THe most powerful, holiest, boundless source of energy on the planet.

When it awakens you...


The ancient art of yoni egg supports feminine vitality by training the vaginal muscles to be healthy, functional muscles (balanced strength with suppleness) while clearing out the pelvic bowl of congestion & stagnation.

This is your YES if you.. 

Are you in the right place?

I get that being inside your body has not always felt safe.

The truth is, your vagina is not a mystery, it’s a miracle. And she’s here to support you (not hinder you) on your journey to feminine embodiment. My prayer is to entice your curiosity, rekindle your hope and ignite your passion to get to know and fall in love with your body. 


Our Roadmap

We will explore an abundance of play & practice with equal amounts of education, empowerment, embodiment and sharing.

The Art of Surrender

This container is not just another course on how to insert yoni egg and be a vaginal weightlifter, it’s a soulful embrace that slows down the whole experience. We re-write your nervous systems relationship to penetration while lovingly expanding your capacity for pleasure. We explore why surrender is our greatest gift and how to use our magnetism to bring things to us vs hustle & burnout.

The Journey into Stillness

This is a safe, supportive space where women can come together and heal from the collectives’ addiction to intensity and speed. Where we listen to our bodies needs, desires and sensations while setting appropriate boundaries and containers. The world doesn’t need more of us over-riding our systems, it needs more of us gaining skills on how to listen, open and feel safe inside of our own body. 

Awaken your Empress

A woman who knows herself and loves herself, will never question herself. The Empress is an archetype that lives within us all. She is wise, magnetic, compassionate and unapologetic. She is both regal and humble. She doesn’t chase, she receives. Together we will explore and give invitation to your Empress expression for our 5 weeks together. 

Meet your Guide

Alila Grace


Alila is an international speaker and writer, supporting women to heal trauma, awaken life-force vitality, activate their juiciness and feel safe in their body. Alila offers you a sacred dose of intellect mixed with soulful spirituality and a large heaping of humor.

Fluent in the mystical and complex language of the female landscape, Alila is able to understand and unlock the codes of your souls’ mission, through the translation of your body’s wisdom.

Journeying all over the globe to receive ancient initiations, Alila playfully translates for you into accessible and potent practices for your modern awakening. She will continue to return you to the Love that you are. 

Invest in Yourself

For the saver

Paid in Full
$ 444 single payment
  • 5x LIVE 90 minute Modules with Alila
  • PDFs and Audio Meditations to Download
  • 2x 2hr Bonus Playshops with Guest Experts
  • Lifetime Access

For the flexible

Monthly Installments
$ 122 4 payments
  • 5x LIVE 90 minute Modules with Alila
  • PDFs and Audio Meditations to Download
  • 2x 2hr Bonus Playshops with Guest Experts
  • Lifetime Access

Special Bonuses

Bonus #1

From Pain to Pleasure Pelvic Floor Myofascial Release Playshop

Join Erica for a 2 hr deep dive into the myofascial network that makes up your pelvic floor. She will empower us with education, followed by a series of embodiment practices that well support us to release congestion, tension and stagnation in the pelvic bowl. All Empress Way students will receive a therapeutic ball from Erica for the workshop. Proceeds will go directly towards A New Dawn, Erica’s non-for-profit dedicated to supporting survivors of sex trafficking.

Bonus #2

2h Deep Dive with Dani

Join Dani, in an exploration of how your breath can support your entire pelvic floor alignment. She is an expert in breath meets body and how to support your structural alignment alongside down regulating your nervous system. Everything she teaches is practical and functional and can be done anytime & anywhere. She will give us an educational exploration before taking us on a journey into our pelvic bowl.

Love Letters


The Empress Way begins on 5.16.2023. We meet weekly for 5 consecutive weeks on Tuesday at 2pm PST. We meet for 90 minutes. Although the magic happens when you show up live, it’s not required and all the recordings will be in your portal within 24hrs. 

We meet LIVE for 90 minutes weekly. There will be recordings and PDFs in your portal, which you have ‘life-time’ access to. It’s of your benefit to have a few other 15-30 minute time slots through the week to practice and not necessary.

I recommend purchasing the course package with the Empress Yoni Egg. If you don’t already have a 100% nephrite jade yoni egg with a side drilled hole, you will want to purchase from us directly for the tool that will best align with the coursework. 

Alila spent her pregnancy working with her yoni egg and discovering safe, gentle and effective practices. These tools can greatly support you in preparing for birth. Alila had a fantastic vaginal birth with no tears and a quick sexual activity turn around because of these practices. Please let us know if you are pregnant so Alila can provide moderations in real time.

We will be working with the muscles inside your vaginal canal as well as around your pelvic floor. These tools can be deeply supportive for the healing both emotionally, physically and psychologically post surgery. You will have your yoni egg on a string so there are no dangers of it ‘getting lost.’ 

I believe in this course with all of me. Transparency being a core value of our community means we put a lot of effort into an accurate representation of The Empress Way experience. I’m happy to answer any questions you have in advance. Due to this product being live and immediately accessible, we do not offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Any Questions?

Thank you for your interest in joining The Empress Way. If you still have questions that were not answered here, send us a message and we look forward to seeing you in your inbox.

in gratitude, Alila x