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Online Mystery School

What was once only taught to the privileged seekers and renunciates, is now available to indulge in the privacy of your own home in a modern, engaging and loving journey.

Coached women are featured in

If you’re not sure where to begin, ask yourself…

What are you ready to embody?

As you will see all these courses and tools work in support of each other and paint the rainbow spectrum picture of the feminine on her healing & awakening journey. This is your roadmap to self-empowerment. Club-V is your all access pass if you are all in, all ready and 100% willing to follow the spiral all the way to the center. If you want to “a la carte,” see our most popular journeys below.

If you are confused, reach out to us so we can support you finding your personalized trail.


Embodiment #1

No more Pussy Problems
Tangled in the web of never-ending & recurring vagina problems
(i.e utis, bv, endometriosis, cysts, painful periods, yeast overgrowth, and the range of itchy, smelly, not sure what’s wrong with me vibes)

You want to focus on the ROOT cause of what’s disturbing and setting off your V, not continuously band-aiding the symptoms. First you need to detox the build up, then heal & strengthen your vaginal microbiome.

Best places to begin:

Period Alchemy: your emotional roadmap to the root

Steam Queen: your ticket to healing your vaginal biome for gooooood

Additional Support:

JoyLux wand: anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, revives cells and regenerates your vagina

Embodied Intimacy Coaching w. Alila


Embodiment #2

Healing Trauma Overactive, repeating the same patterns, unable to get to the other side of the wound, and feeling constantly like you want to run, hide or beat someone up.

Healing is a courageous journey of the WILLing soul. When you love yourself enough to say YES to your healing, you are ready. Buckle in :).

Best places to begin:

Steam Queen: move trauma, patterns and stories out of your pelvic bowl

Breast Friends: Get it off your chest and make space for more love

Empress Way: nervous system regulation tools and finding your power between your legs

Additional Support:

Embodied Intimacy Coaching w. Alila


Embodiment #3

Multiorgasmic Ecstasy
Craving deeper, wetter, hotter intimacy with yourself and your partner in between the sheets. You know how to “get yourself off,” are over butterfly orgasms (aka. clitorial orgasm that have a quick peak and release sensation) and craving life-changing orgasms.

Orgasms cover the whole range, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. The good news is all body’s can! So now you can, too!

Best places to begin:

Steam Queen: Mimics arousal and give you access to open, wet, surrendered vagina

Empress way: Strengthens the orgasm muscles so you have more, longer

Breast Friends: Nipplegasms anyone!?

Additional Support:

Vajra Pleasure Wand: Retrain yourself to make pleasure slow and sacred

JoyLux wand: revive your vagina cells for more sensation
-Embodied Intimacy Coaching w. Alila


Embodiment #4

Baby Maker
Frustrated, confused and overwhelmed with your fertility journey. Wanting to start a family and feeling like your body is failing you. Heart-broken and at your last line. Also for the postpartum mama who is in deep need of feeling like some thread of ‘herself’ again.

There is nothing more confusing than the fertility journey when you approach your body from the outside, in vs the inside, out. When we rely on apps and experts we lose the real time application of body-literacy and the baby-making journey becomes an addition to your to-do list instead of the best orgasm of your life (which it can be).

Best Places to Begin:

-Steam Queen: Best practice for fertility years. Period.
-Period Alchemy: Learn how to track your cycle like a seasoned hunter
-Breast Friends: Release the weight of grieve from your heart and prepare or support your breasts for/during nursing.

Additional Support:

-Vajra Pleasure wand: I know it seems funny, but babies LOVE pleasure, make more of it!
-Embodied Intimacy Coaching w. Alila


Embodiment #5

Conscious Couple
The visceral desire to move into harmonious, deep connecting, soul supportive intimacy within partnership. Typically arising out of feeling unseen, unheard and undesired.

Move from platonic roommates or volatile ego battles onto the field of vast, expansive and authentic coupleship. Ok, first things first, do your deep work so you can meet your other in the fullness of yourself. Then meet me in the couples cauldron to repair the damage and infuse the juice.

Best Places to Begin:

-Empress Way: Learn your own circuits, how you tick and what ticks you off, plus nervous system support
-Steam Queen: Move the old hurt out of your vagina so old fights don’t block you from deep intimacy

-Breast Friends: Increase your heart space capacity so you lead with more love and less hurt

Additional Support:

-Vajra Pleasure Wand: You have to keep your own pleasure pilot light LIT
-Embodied Couples Coaching w. Alila


Embodiment #6

Wise (and wet) Elder
You have celebrated enough trips around the sun to have wisdom and perspective, and as you finally have the freedom to have as much sex as you please, your vagina feels otherwise. You crave to feel pleasure without a bottle of lub and lots of deep, pleading breaths. You also want to stop peeing your pants when you laugh too hard, sneeze or bounce.

As we age, our vagina feels the kiss of gravity, aging skin and is more prone to infections. Good news, we have modern and ancient tools to revive our cells and defy aging between our thighs.

Best place to begin:

Steam Queen: the steam mimics arousal, increases lubrication and plushes out the vaginal canal
-Empress Way: counterbalance the effects of gravity by creating functional vaginal muscles
-Breast Friends: Don’t leave them behind, they will also perk up with your love and attention

Additional Support:

-JoyLux inter-v healing wand: our modern BFF to revive the vagina
-Embodied Intimacy Coaching w. Alila

Steam Queen
The best way to start to explore your femininity.​
Breast Friends
A Self-Love Massage Salonette​
Period Alchemy
Period Alchemy is where science marries womb consciousness.​
Empress Way

5 week LIVE Yoni Egg Initiation Course​

V-Steam Academy
Ready to become a full spectrum vaginal steaming facilitator? This is for you.​
1:1 Embodied Intimacy
Intimate 1:1 Container for your tailored pathway to embodied self-mastery
All access pass to the entire Online Mystery School library

Discover Your Roadmap to

Feminine Mastery

Meet me at the trailhead of your step-by-step journey to the peak of your embodiment. If you are ready to expand your capacity for life, follow the spiral to the center.

Your body is not a mystery, it’s a miracle.

Join a life-changing virtual immersion on all things sacred and intimate.


Steam Queen

Initiation into Vaginal Steaming
Step into a Queen level of self-care with the most effective practice for holistic pelvic support on the planet. V-steaming offers a bounty of benefits physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to reconnect you with your sacred center, cleanse your reproductive system, down-regulate your system and support you on your deep feminine embodiment. This course and product bundle is your premier vaginal steaming initiation.
For the curious one ready to be initiated into the wonderful and intoxicating world of vaginal steaming. This course marks the beginning of your journey into your sacred and holistic pelvic floor care and will teach and tantalize you emotionally, physically, spiritually and soulfully.

Breast Friends

Self-Love Breast Massage Coursette
A self-love massage mini for your beautiful, bountiful and healthy breasts. Breasts are sadly often either ignored or over-sexualized and our breasts are one of the paramount landmarks of feminine radiance, abundance and love. In this exploration of our breasts, together we learn various techniques, tools and empowering education to embody our breast energy and let go of our hyper-focus on size and shape. When you embrace your breasties, they will plump, tone, flourish and magnetize the love you put out into the world. This mini course is all you need to cherish, honor and revitalize your breasts.
For every person with breasts that wants to learn tangible tools to adore, honor, and revitalize their breasts. This bountiful mini will cover a wide range of energetic, physical and emotional breast techniques.

Period Alchemy

Understand your Cycle as your Superpower
This wisdom will change your LIFE in every way!! Your period is an untapped portal, a doorway into your greatest evolution and awakening. Every month is an invitation, not a curse. Symptoms you’re experiencing are your body giving you a very important message, that together we will decipher. By understading your unique and universal cyclical nature, you will have a birds eye view on your reproductive and overall wellness at all times. Prepare to cancel hustle culture for good and flow with your innate rhythms. We come here, to this trailhead, to remember who we are. **This course is currently being offered as pay what you can because I believe all women should have access**

For she who craves to understand and effortlessly flow with her innate cyclical rhythms of her body. This is the foundational wisdom of the feminine mysteries (which isn’t really all that mysterious) that will take you on a journey to cancel hustle culture and attune to your inner landscape, aka your superpower

Certification Course

V-Steam Academy

Become A Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner

V-Steaming is an ancient practice done throughout every indigenous culture as it remains the #1 holistic tool for feminine wellness, pelvic floor restoration, and spiritual health.

Become a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, confidently leading women to feel safe in their body, unlock their life-force energy & increase their capacity for Life. Graduating from V-Steam Academy will equip you with tangible tools, spiritual practices, herbal wisdom, ancestral remembrance, space holding abilities and everything you need to create a successful and creative vaginal steaming business. This is the most comprehensive and holistic v-steam training on the market.

Twice a year Alila goes LIVE bi-weekly to answer questions and offer inspiration, these lives are available to all students whenever you sign up.

For leaders and blossoming entrepreneurs desiring a lucrative, creative and sacred roadmap to support the feminine to heal and awaken through a personalized vaginal steaming business.

Empress Way

Discover the Power between your thighs

Discover how to effectively use yoni eggs to feel safe in your body, heal from the past, rewire your system for pleasure and restore function to your pelvic floor. This course is a unique and flavorful blend of ancient Taoist wisdom, tantric arts and somatic experiencing while using a yoni egg as a tool for deep, intimate and gentle healing. Join a 5-week embodiment journey with play, practice and equal amounts of education, empowerment and consented sharing. Your vagina does not have to be a scary place, it can be your doorway to freedom, power and authentic feminine embodiment.

For the courageously curious practitioner ready to tap into her doorway to freedom, power and authentic feminine embodiment between her legs. This LIVE embodiment exploration will lead you towards feeling safe, confident, healed and intimate with yourself.
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For the heroine ready to claim herself fully, leaving no trace of hesitation behind. For the bold, passionate and persistent seeker of love, truth and self-evolution.

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