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Embodied Intimacy Coaching

Expand your capacity for Pleasure, Power & Purpose

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Welcome, bright one

If you’re ready to take a courageous leap in the direction of more Intimacy, follow me this way…

pelvic expert alila grace

About Alila

Embodied Intimacy Coach

I believe that you are a powerful alchemist. An alchemist is one that turns coal into gold, fear into love, trauma into treasure, frustration into mission driven action, and boredom into pleasure. The alchemist embraces change as the only constant and love as the only guide.


Embodied Intimacy is your sustained ability to feel safe to be inside of your body while expanding your capacity to feel and fuel more & more love. I am a hunter, meticulously tracking your body’s lead. The basis of my work is “inside out,” which means we always begin with what’s inside you that wants to be felt, seen and expressed. Then we intentionally move outward, one. tiny or monumental, step at a time. This is opposite to what we’re collectively taught, which is to take input from the outside and become (sometimes painfully) something inside that fits that model.

My style is unconventional, deeply soulful, highly effective and always laced with humor. I don’t show up with a protocol of practices for you to conform to a specific doctrine. Instead I show up open and ready to follow what’s next in line to heal and love.

There is no spiritual bypassing here, there is real, inside your body, evolution, repair and expansion.

Our time together includes zoom calls, exclusive and unlimited access to me on Whatsapp, weekly assignments, potent revelations, life-changing alterations and much more. We work intimately together and I have to feel your 100% commitment to yourself to say yes to partnering on this soul journey alongside you.

Choose your journey

Mana Wahine

powerful woman

Weekly zoom calls

Unlimited access on messaging app

Assignments to journey deeper

3 month minimum

Wai Pua

the nectar

Weekly zoom calls

Unlimited access on messaging app

Relationship accountability

Juicy home-play

Communication ninja skills

3 month minimum

Add this to any journey above

2 Day Private Retreat

A full 2 day private weekend retreat on Big Island, Hawaii all expenses paid minus airfare. We will indulge in sacred feminine healing practices and ceremonies on sacred sites and a plethora of solo or couples practices.

Can be added on to any 3 month retainer package.

Alila is a magnetic and clear catalyst for embodied love. 

She is a joyful, sensual, and deeply fierce guide through the sexual arena into the truth of love.

- Katherine Zorensky

Alila's Coaching Framework

What Each Session may include

Each session is an hour to an hour thirty minutes depending on what’s moving through the space (I don’t watch the clock)

Somatic Experiencing

Sexual Psychology

Conscious Communication

Pelvic Floor Expertise

Trauma Repair

Nervous System Regulation

Creative Processing

Soul Guidance

Ancient Tantric Technology

Spiritual Upliftment

Keen Intuition

15y+ wisdom in supporting people

And much more depending on what needs to move in our time together.

Important Note:

Alila doesn’t prescribe or only use 1 discipline or school of thought. She has spent decades traveling the globe and collecting wisdom and qualifications from 20+ traditions, has put them through her body to digest and offers them to you in an intoxicating platter that your system will enjoy and assimilate. You don’t have to go to the ashram, shave your head and be in meditative silence and celibacy.. She did that already and has the treasures to share with you.

Where science meets

embodied intimacy

- Alila Grace

Who I work with

I work with people who are ready to lean in all the way to discover the deep well of love inside of them and to return to their life more full of who they really are.

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    Creative Professionals
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    Committed Couples
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    Dynamic Groups in Retreat & Workshop Settings

If you desire to:

  • Live your life in full spectrum of color
  • Stop apologizing for your reactionary responses
  • Have communication ninja skills to get your needs met
  • Bridge the sacred into your modern life
  • Tap into boundless joy inside you
  • Embody your deepest level of intimacy

Next Steps


30 min Discovery Call: are we a soul-client kind of fit? Let’s find out.


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