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Yoni (Sanskrit — योनि ): womb; sacred space; vagina.

Your yoni is an intricate, dynamic system – a galactic universe. She has her own pH, microbiome, ecosystem, delicate hormonal dance and built-in security to assist in maintaining a healthy equilibrium. Your yoni naturally wants to be in balance, and will clearly let you know when something/someone is throwing her out of whack.  She has a voice and speaks to us in symptoms. The more out of balance one becomes, the ‘louder’ the symptoms will get until they are unavoidable. If we learn to listen to her gentle guidance, we become a magnet for living a joyful, sensual, creative and abundant life! Signs she’s not happy – UTI, yeast infection, rash, smell, PMS, cysts, and the list goes on.

One of the most important holistic self-care tools is deep listening. Allowing space, stillness and introspection: journaling, meditating, massaging, and seeking guidance from your yoni. It may seem woo-woo, or so easy it couldn’t possibly work. My promise is the more you love and devote to your yoni, the more your yoni will be the juicy, self-cleansing, orgasmic powerhouse that you desire!

Make sex sacred! Every person that has entered your yoni will energetically leave an imprint for up to 7 years! Not only that, if your partner is carrying any yeast or imbalances of their own, it can throw off the pH of your yoni. Yes, that means the diet and lifestyle of your loved ones also greatly affects you. Sex can be conscious, loving, with full consent, holy and divinely delicious. It should never be forced, out of guilt, a drunken blur, disrespectful, pushy or with any thoughts of ‘I know I shouldn’t.’  

Your yoni is your temple, treat her as such!

Emphasize whole foods and hydration. There is an amazing link between our mouth and our yoni, both physically and vibrationally. If your gut flora is overly acidic, this will greatly affect your yoni flora. If you’re healing from a more stubborn yeast/candida infection it’s best to avoid all sugar, alcohol and inflammatory foods. Incorporate nutrient rich greens, spirulina/chlorella and turmeric. Remember, holistic means the whole body working together, not just treating one symptom in one area of the body.




  1. Peel a garlic clove and insert directly into the yoni 3 nights in a row (you will most likely have garlic breath – remember the yoni and mouth connection!). Garlic is nature’s antibiotic and will work with you to fight off the yeast overgrowth.
  1. Place a few drops of oregano oil (make sure you use a high quality oil) into purified or fresh spring water and drink every couple hours. Oregano oil is astringent and drying with anti-microbial properties; it will soak up an internal damp condition and help clear yeast in your gut.
  1. Peel an organic cucumber and insert vaginally for relief. Cucumbers are cooling, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and will pull out heat.  You can use the cucumber as much as desired, however at least 2-3 times a week is most beneficial.
  1. Insert organic coconut oil directly into the yoni after solidifying in the fridge. Be sure to put a towel under you to keep your sheets from getting oily. This is great to nourish and help re-lubricate the yoni after the 3 nights of garlic. The cooling benefit of the coconut oil will also offer soothing relief. Coconut oil is also an antimicrobial and anti-fungal powerhouse. You can add a little turmeric powder to help draw the yeast out. A light yoni massage will help the oil absorb plus offer some healing touch. You can also use sesame oil or olive oil.
  1. Take a good oral probiotic. See what’s at your local natural food store. It’s best to take one with different strains. I love Garden of Life, and they have a few different options. You can also insert the probiotic vaginally overnight after the garlic treatment. If you chose this method, be sure to get one that is not encapsulated.

As with anything, ask your body, and never do anything that doesn’t feel right or forceful. If your condition worsens or doesn’t get better please reach out to us for a private specialized consultation or visit your holistic health care provider.


Leave a comment below, what has or hasn’t worked for you?  

Breathe deep, you got this!

I’m here for you, xx Alila Grace