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3 Step Holistic Vagina-Care for Weekend Spa Queen

You want to make your p*ssy puuuuuur through the weekend? Do you love your current self-care routine and want to take your Queen vibes a step deeper? The best way to create a healthy, thriving environment for your vagina is to tend to her, care for her and honor her in the ways she loves. […]

Orgasms that Transform your Life vs. Orgasms that Deplete It.

Orgasms contain within them powerful, life-creating and transformative energy. WIthin each orgasm is an explosion of Shakti, or divine femine life-force potential. Shakti is the energy that creates worlds, and destroys them.  Your orgasms are laced with this same energy, to create your world… or destroy it.  There are *many* forms of orgasms, and not all orgasms […]