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What’s your better period?

I have a confession..

Even as a period coach, my period can still get messy, painful and downright not fun. It’s my passion and mission to bring period liberation to the world, and yes, most of the time, this begins with me and my own period journey. 


It’s my joy to educate women + girls on the sacredness of their period. To share the ancient mysteries of our cross-cultural ancestors and the science behind the blood. I love offering you tools to have a better period, an honoring period, and, dare I say, a fun period. 


This past period, I knew it was going to be a rough ride. I didn’t manage my energy properly through the month. I had so many emotional waves with my baby dada and letting go of other stories buried deep in my psyche. I remember journaling mid-month about the profound shifts I was experiencing this month, it felt like life-times. 


So when my period came, and I wanted to push through and keep going on my trail blazing expedition, it knocked me off my feet, literally. I had cup leaks, cramps, nausea and headaches. And the symptoms returned every time I removed my aching body from a reclining position on the couch. I didn’t exercise, even though I knew it would relieve the pressure. I didn’t want to journal, even though I knew there was so much to uncover. I didn’t even massage my breasts or my belly, as I love to do. I just wanted to sit, binge watch Avatar the Last Airbender with my 3 yr old daughter, eat chocolate and marinate in my misery. And I did just that.

Ever feel that way? 


The ironic thing is, I came out of this 2 day slump with full speed ahead! You see, the ancient matriarchal calendar of our ancestors offered this special time, period time, as total time off. So often, we go into shame, blame + judgement when we slow down and blame our period for it. The truth is, you need this natural reset to continue the momentum of your mission. And when you don’t allow for it, the symptoms will come, loud enough to stop you in your tracks. 


The first place that our energy collects and gets trapped is in our shame. Shame is tricky, it tricks us into believing it’s a protection mechanism. It makes us believe that we need our shame to stay safe. It’s only when we release our shame armour that we can come out into the world and share our gifts, undiluted by shame’s masks. 


So, if your period is a breezy paradise or messy hurricane, is not the point. The key to unlock the treasure of your better period is by accepting what is. This acceptance grows into appreciation, then eventually,  love. When something is loved deeply, it will reveal all its secrets. 


Even if it doesn’t look ‘pretty,’ I promise you, it is still profound!


My worst period now is 100 xs better than my best period 10 years ago. So I don’t want you to get caught in the perfect period scenario. Not all periods will be laced with revelations in your journal and relaxing bubble baths.  Your better period and my better period are never going to look or feel the same. Your better period today is going to be different than your better period next year, or next month. ‘Better’ is doing the best we can in the moment. 


It’s my goal to help you have a better period. And to support you supporting our sisters to have a better period. By giving we often receive so much more! To some women in the world, a better period looks like not using cow dung or rolled up newspaper they found on the street. 


I truly believe that the Mahina Menstrual Cup offers a better period, for you and for her. It offers you a chance to get familiar with your body. It gifts you freedom to move as much or as little as you desire while your uterus does all the work. It saves your money and serves our planet. 


We are partnering with @periodmovement to make sure better periods are possible. To celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day, every Mahina Cup purchased now through the end of June will automatically donate one to a girl or woman that needs a better period


So when you vote for your better period, you are voting for all better periods. 


I know you want what’s best for you and your extended global family. 


Join the Mahina Collective and let’s bring the world a better period together! 

with period passion,

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup