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Are Kegels Effective for Pelvic Floor Tone?

Kegels, the way they are typically taught, are not effective for restoring balance to the pelvic floor. Let’s debunk the kegel myth, because too many women are told “Just do your kegels when you’re at a stop sign or when you’re waiting in line. Clench and release your vaginal muscles like you are stopping the […]

3 Step Holistic Vagina-Care for Weekend Spa Queen

You want to make your p*ssy puuuuuur through the weekend? Do you love your current self-care routine and want to take your Queen vibes a step deeper? The best way to create a healthy, thriving environment for your vagina is to tend to her, care for her and honor her in the ways she loves. […]

Cucumber Cleanse for your Vagina Wellness

Let’s talk C U C U M B E R S Cucumbers have been one of my long standing fav holistic vaginal care tools! Here’s why 👇🏼 Cucumbers are naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and soothes inflammation. They are cooling + hydrating for the vagina as well as help to rebalance the ph. Imagine a cucumber facial […]

A Holistic Guide To Heal Yoni Yeast

Yoni (Sanskrit — योनि ): womb; sacred space; vagina. Your yoni is an intricate, dynamic system – a galactic universe. She has her own pH, microbiome, ecosystem, delicate hormonal dance and built-in security to assist in maintaining a healthy equilibrium. Your yoni naturally wants to be in balance, and will clearly let you know when […]

Yoni Speaks: What Your Vagina Is Telling You

Our bodies (and our yoni!) are incredibly intelligent. Part of coming into ourselves is learning how to speak the language of the body. Learning to tune in and watch for subtle cues (and some not so subtle ones) allows us to get in touch with our physical beings, and our health. The vaginal area does a […]

Conscious Condoms and Vaginal Health

Sex. Most of us are doing it at one point or another. This sacred act is one of our greatest gifts as humans. The ability to connect, to create, and to collapse into another.  The practical act of having sex comes with certain logistical measures that need to be taken. The biggest being preventing sexually […]