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Are Kegels Effective for Pelvic Floor Tone?

Kegels, the way they are typically taught, are not effective for restoring balance to the pelvic floor. Let’s debunk the kegel myth, because too many women are told “Just do your kegels when you’re at a stop sign or when you’re waiting in line. Clench and release your vaginal muscles like you are stopping the […]

3 Step Holistic Vagina-Care for Weekend Spa Queen

You want to make your p*ssy puuuuuur through the weekend? Do you love your current self-care routine and want to take your Queen vibes a step deeper? The best way to create a healthy, thriving environment for your vagina is to tend to her, care for her and honor her in the ways she loves. […]

The Art of Yoni Sunning

“The sun has been my faithful lover For millions of years. Whenever I offer my body to him Brilliant light pours from his heart. -Hafiz Yoni is a sacred sanskrit word that translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space” referring to a woman’s holy grail, or vagina, between her legs. Your yoni is […]

A Breast Massage Guide to Lift, Tone and Grow

Our breasts are our sacred source that connects to our heart energy. Daily breast massage is an sensational way to reconnect, activate, tone and grow your breasts. Scientific research has shown that breast massage helps to fight cancer. In fact, “nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of a useful female hormone, which […]

V-Steam for Postpartum Healing

postpartum healing

Due to it’s magical healing and cleansing properties, v-steaming has been a standard postpartum practice for women around the world. A postpartum Yoni steam or v-steam protocol is #1 recommendation from midwives and holistic birth practitioners for recovery and healing.  Yoni Steaming, also known as vaginal steaming or v-steam, is a sacred self care practice […]

How to Clear Past Lovers from your Womb, Heart and Mind in 30 Days

The natural biology of women is to open and receive. We take in. Our womb is the grand central station storehouse for everything we experience. It imprints all of our interactions, emotions and stories, the good the bad and everything in between.  This mechanism serves us in some ways. It creates bonding and deep connection […]

Pain-free Period with the Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming

A consistent yoni steam protocol can lead to a pain-free period, let me tell you how. Yoni or Vaginal Steaming is a practice that was regularly used by our ancestors across most cultures. Yoni steaming uses the power of herbs and vital heat to restore balance to our feminine cycles in all life stages. Sisters […]

How Yoni Steaming Will Change Your Life

Sage. Aum. Intentions. Steam. Meditation. Serenity. Awaken. Warm steam arises from a sweet crevasse beneath me.  It gently warms my yoni and invites her so sweetly to open. Like a rose petal, blossoming, she awakens and becomes receptive to the medicine that is entering. Sacred flowers and herbs are meticulously picked and boiled for this ancient […]