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Our breasts are our sacred source that connects to our heart energy. Daily breast massage is an sensational way to reconnect, activate, tone and grow your breasts.

Scientific research has shown that breast massage helps to fight cancer. In fact, “nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of a useful female hormone, which encourages cells to expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts,” says Professor Tim Murrell, of the Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide.

Breast massage stimulates the endocrine system to secrete a powerful cocktail of youthful hormones:prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen. Prolactin is also known to slightly enlarge the breasts. Regular breast massage lifts the breast by tightening and toning the tendons and muscles.

And as a cherry on top, the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin is produced from breast and nipple stimulation, increasing feelings of connection, bonding, relaxation and pleasure.

Free your breasts and the rest will follow

Ok sister, it’s time to ditch your bra, and here’s why. Research has shown no benefit to the supportive tissues from wearing a bra, in fact we have seen the opposite. In Dressed To Kill, they showed a direct link between breast cancer and bras. A women who wears a bra 18-24 hours per day has 100xs greater incidence of breast cancer then those who go braless.

Our breasts are meant for natural movement, which keeps the lymphatic system healthy. Regular stimulation and massage circulates blood and lymph, reducing the accumulation of toxins and hormones. The metal underwire in bras not only chokes the lymph system, it creates an electrical interference that conflicts with the natural flow of our energy meridians.

If you don’t use it, you lose it!

If you don’t allow the breasts natural movement to strength and tone the underlying muscles they go into atrophy, and head south.

Five minutes a day, that’s all you need. I love my daily breast massage in the shower or when I get in bed at night; it’s relaxing and pleasurable and sets me up  for a restful night’s sleep. Organic coconut oil is great, and I love Anahata Breast Balm, deliciously infused with Rose and Cacao for heart opening and activation.

Daily Breast Massage Routine:

  • Opening smile – Rub your hands together vigorously to create heat. Bring palms to breasts, over nipples, smile, send love and gratitude.
  • Tapping – Start at your nipple and tap gently and rhythmically up to your collarbone, repeat 3 times. Then starting at your nipple, lift the breast and tap down to the top of your rib cage, repeat 3 times.  Change sides.
  • Heavenly Circles – Bring your hands to the center of your chest, between your breasts. Move hands in a circular motion up and out, then around the breast/nipple. This is the way of heaven, lifting and growing the breasts. Repeat 36 times.
  • Earth Circles  – Bring your hands to the center of your chest, between your breasts. Move hands in a circular motion down and in, then around the breast/nipple. This is the way of earth, grounding and firming the breasts. Repeat 36 times.
  • Lymph Drain – Start with your right breast. Gently lift with the right hand while using the left thumb to lightly press and trace the under arch of your breast. Start at the armpit and follow the smile around to the center of your chest. Repeat on the same breast, now holding with the left hand and using your right thumb starting at the center and tracing to your armpit. Repeat twice then repeat on left.
  • Shake it – Lean over, take your breasts in both hands and make ‘em dance. Have fun, be loving and get that breast tissue moving and grooving.
  • Pump it – Take your breast in both hands, on an inhale pull out, on an exhale push back down, repeat on both sides 5 times with a rhythmic, pumping motion.
  • Knead it – Use both hands for each breast. Spend a minute kneading the breast tissue, feeling for any places of tenderness of tension. Knead in all directions.
  • Closing smile – Rub your hands together vigorously to create heat. Bring palms to breasts, place over nipples. Smile, send love and gratitude. Imagine and feel how you desire your breasts to look and feel.

Take the time to cherish and care for yourself. I promise you are worth it, and only with consistency will you see results.

Loving you and your beautiful breasts, x Alila Grace