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V-Steam for Postpartum Healing

Due to it’s magical healing and cleansing properties, v-steaming has been a standard postpartum practice for women around the world. A postpartum Yoni steam or v-steam protocol is #1 recommendation from midwives and holistic birth practitioners for recovery and healing. 

Yoni Steaming, also known as vaginal steaming or v-steam, is a sacred self care practice used for centuries by women around the world to tone, heal and activate the vagina. The herbal steam mimics arousal, thus engorging the labia (external vaginal lips) which allow the plant medicine to sweep through the vaginal canal, and possibly into the cervix and uterus. The steam opens the pores of the reproductive bowl, and clears out toxins, excess membranes + anything stagnant. This profound practice is known to work at physical, emotional and energetic levels. 

In the United States especially postpartum care is overlooked and underserved. It usually involves 24-hours surveillance then a standard 6-week checkup. Women are not told what to expect in regards to the journey their bodies go through post birth. The uterus is contracting and cramping to clear out leftover pregnancy matter and reduce to its previous size, the cervix and vaginal canal are closing, the reproductive and abdominal organs are returning into a space that allows for regular elimination functions (ie. peeing and pooping), and any delivery tears and stitches are to attempting to heal.

Immediate postpartum can be one of the most intimidating and challenging times for a mama and even more so for a mama with limited care and support. In addition to the physical healing that v-steams provide, a new mama also benefits from spiritual and emotional healing that brings her care and attention to her womb that has just brought new life into the world. It’s a beautiful way to infuse gratitude into her body after it’s massive transformation. 

Postpartum v-steams are easy to incoorporate and a mama can enjoy while nursing, drinking warm tea, meditating, journaling and relaxing. Taking this sacred space for herself is the key to a faster recovery. Getting dad, family or friends to help her by preparing the herbs and making the space for her will have profound benefits and ensure she actually gets on the steam throne. New mama’s are typically so busy care-taking and gushing over their new littles that they need to be coaxed and almost pushed to their self-care. The v-steams will work on all levels to support a new mama to return to her energy and vitality as her body slowly recovers post birth. 

If mama had a cesarean section, the postpartum v-steam will support breaking up the scar tissue, assisting the uterus in returning to her proper placement as well as offering a delicious gift to her body. 

I know so many mamas, who discover v-steams way after their postpartum period, perhaps even decades later. It’s never too late for your first postpartum v-steam! No matter when you discover the ancient and magical gifts of v-steam, they will support you at any and every phase of your cyclical journey, even into menopause. 

For example, my own mother finally agreed to receive her first v-steam a few months ago. In her menopause years she has noticed more and more a dry, lifeless vagina. Immediately afterwards, she felt the swelling of her labia, increased lubrication and looked in the mirror and thought she just got a face lift!! It’s really common for the face to lift and look younger as the uterus lifts into her original position. A few days later she noticed increased energy and a decrease in mood swings. 

All mothers deserve to be honored and celebrated in this way. V-steam is both a practical and magical way to serve the womb that creates life. It’s the perfect paring to awaken the divine feminine energies within you and to thank your body for all it’s hard work! The uterus is in constant motion throughout our cycle. Contracting and moving it’s placement to better serve our reproductive health and biology. 

When to do postpartum v-steam

  • Steam 3 consecutive days within the first 9 days of vaginal birth, ok with some blood.  Then 1-2xs per week following. Take a break from steam when period blood comes.
  • Wait at least 6 weeks after a cesarean birth.

What herbs to highlight: 

  • red raspberry, oregano, calendula, motherwort, basil and plantain

with steamy love,