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Nervous System Repair to have in your Back Pocket

It’s human to have moments when we say or do things that we don’t mean. When we slip out of our conscious awareness and run old patterns of shame, blame and judgement. We all make mistakes, this is a part of life and human interaction. However, just like The Art of Kintsugi, which is a […]

De-coding your turn-on

Being turned on by someone is not always a clear indicator that it’s a green light. There are actually many times we will feel turned on (ie. yoni tingles, shiver up the spine, heat in the belly, fantasies about all night sex-capades, hearing wedding bells ringing and babies crying) and it may be a caution […]

Where is Your Past Hiding?

Have you ever had recurring dreams or thoughts of a previous lover?  Perhaps your love jam continually comes on the radio or every time you look at the clock it’s their birthday.  Maybe you keep bumping into them at the farmers market or driving past him after yoga class.  If this is happening for you, […]

How to Clear Past Lovers from your Womb, Heart and Mind in 30 Days

The natural biology of women is to open and receive. We take in. Our womb is the grand central station storehouse for everything we experience. It imprints all of our interactions, emotions and stories, the good the bad and everything in between.  This mechanism serves us in some ways. It creates bonding and deep connection […]

Conscious Condoms and Vaginal Health

Sex. Most of us are doing it at one point or another. This sacred act is one of our greatest gifts as humans. The ability to connect, to create, and to collapse into another.  The practical act of having sex comes with certain logistical measures that need to be taken. The biggest being preventing sexually […]