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Expanding your Capacity: Edging vs. Burn Out

When we expand our capacity for sensation, there is a personal pace that allows us to fully open before we burn out or leave our body.

Sensation means any range from pleasure to pain.

Have you ever jumped into something too quickly (relationship, project, workout, diet, spiritual practice) just to find yourself jumping right back out? 

I have, so many times, and here’s why.

The way the nervous system works is it slowly continues to stretch past it’s original dimensions and as we integrate, we add a little bit more charge or sensation. 

If we can remain in our body, fully present and able to hold more, our capacity stretches. 

This is the foundation for stretching your capacity in a sustaining way.

If you’ve experienced any range of trauma (alongside 99.9% of us) then your nervous system has kinks in it. 

It has places that trigger a response that is not what you may consciously chose. 

You will naturally continue to bump up against walls of subconscious patterning and call it self-sabotage.

The story of your life shows your subconscious beliefs𓆃

Where you have the most trouble is where there is a trauma portal that you continue to drown in. 

The best way to bring yourself back, is to firstly become aware of your patterns. 

Then take baby steps, not from A to Z, but A to B. 

We, as a collective, are so addicted to intensity and speed, and this is the fast road to burn out – promise! 

᯽ What’s your B? 

᯽ What’s your next best baby step to get you facing the direction you wish to go? 

Imagine blowing up a ballon, if you blow too much air in too fast the ballon will pop. 

If you slowly and steady continue to add more air, the ballon will be able to fill to capacity. 

And if you freeze and don’t blow in any air, the ballon will start to deflate.

There is a natrual sweet spot for you, and it’s unique to your personal journey. 

Your pace will not look like anyone else’s around you or on social, so stop trying to fit your narrative into someone else’s book. 

Here’s a simple practice I love for edging capacity:

꩜ Put your hands out like you are receiving something.

꩜ Allow yourself to receive (imaginary & energetically) the thing that you MOST want in your hands. Let yourself go bigger then you would normally allow. So if a check for $5,000 feels like a lot, then recieve $10,000. Maybe you receive your ultimate divine partnership, a healthy and vital body, a certification, a book deal… etc.

꩜ Pause and allow yourself to drop into the excitement.

꩜ See how long you can hold the charge without disbursing it (ie. cashing the check and spending it, taking pictures for social media of your new boo, telling your family you made it..).

꩜ Notice feelings and sensations in our body.

꩜ Keep breathing and holding the charge. Continue to orient yourself towards the receiving and celebrating.

꩜ Notice where your mind wants to travel.. are you paying bills and getting dumped? Are you having imposture syndrome and popping that beautiful bubble you just created?

꩜ Keep breathing and expanding your ability to receive this blessing.

꩜ If you want to have some fun, play some music that moves you and dance with your manifested dreams. Let it be a playful practice and experiment with moving the ball around you, even within you.

꩜ When you’re ready bring your hands to a place on your body (let this happen intuitively)

꩜ Take a few moments to breath here, feeling the weight, warm and contact of your hands on your body. Allow yourself time to re-orient to your space and to this present moment. Where are you? What time is it?

꩜ Share what came up in the comments below and how it felt to hold the charge of the blessing. What’s your next small move forward?

If you feel stuck, reach out and ask for help. 

Our personal evolution is very planetary. 

I can lovingly show you a blind spot and support you to unravel it in weeks vs a potential lifetime of you ‘working’ on your own.

Let me ask you something:: What’s your joy worth to you?

I’m here for you love.

From my expanding heart to yours,