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8 Ways To Prevent A Leaky Menstrual Cup

My goal is for you to have an epic experience with Mahina Menstrual Cup. I desire for you to have confidence to do all that you love, even during your period. I know what it’s like to feel frantic about stains and leaks. I also know what it’s like to wear Mahina Cup properly and period like a Queen!

So here is the 8 most common reasons for a leaky menstrual cup and how to fix it.

1.Correct Cup Size

Mahina Menstrual Cup comes in 3 sizes. Our New Moon, size 0, is best for your first 10 years of bleeding (teens to mid-20s), light to medium flow and if you’re a virgin. Our Full Moon, size 1, is great for a sexually active sister who has a medium flow, has not given birth or has done vaginal toning exercises post childbirth. If you are having trouble with a small size getting the proper suction, thus leaking, it may mean that you need to go up a size. All Mahina Menstrual Cups have a soft, luxury silicone that will all offer you the same superior comfort once inside. Our Super Moon, size 2,  is best for a heavy bleeder or mama who has given birth vaginally. Journey here for a detailed size guide

2. Rotate after Insertion

This is the key to getting the confident protection we all seek and enjoy. After inserting your Mahina Menstrual Cup, with your thumb and first finger at the base of your cup gently twist downward. This will allow Mahina Cup to suction into your vaginal canal. You may also want to trace the rim of your cup with your first finger to be sure it opened fully. By taking the extra moment and using this 2 check guide, you will ensure your Mahina Menstrual Cup is situated snuggly in your vaginal canal, ready to do her job like a boss.

3. Empty Frequently

If you are having a heavy bleeding cycle and your Mahina Menstrual Cup is leaking due to an overflow, then you simply need to empty it more frequently until your blood flow lightens. After consistent use, you will notice that on certain days you can go longer, up to 12 hours, between changes and on other days it may need to be emptied every 3-4 hours.

4. Clean Air Holes

It’s important for the effectiveness of your Mahina Menstrual Cup that all the air holes are cleaned thoroughly. This will help your cup create the suction it needs to work optimally. Be sure to give your Mahina Cup a good rinse when emptying and check that the air holes are clear. Also, for a deep clean in-between cycles, it’s best to boil your cup for a few minutes.

5. Engage Pelvic Floor

If your vaginal muscles are week, it could prevent your Mahina Menstrual Cup from getting an effective suction. We recommend implementing a Jade Yoni Egg or Yoni Steam practice that will help to tighten, tone and lubricate your vaginal canal. There are other pelvic floor strengthening exercises you can do, and this is mainly relevant after vaginal childbirth.

6. Change When You Poo

If you are bearing down when you are pooping, you may be moving your Mahina Menstrual Cup down and out of place, or just loosening the suction. If this is happening, it may be best to change out your Mahina Cup when you go #2.

7. Locate your Cervix

Here’s an invitation to get to know your body more intimately. With clean hands, and your longest finger, reach up and back into the vaginal canal. Your cervix will either feel firm like the tip of your nose of soft and plush like your lips, depending on where you are in your cycle. Depending on the length and position of your cervix, you may need to alter  the way you position your Mahina Menstrual Cup. If your cervix is low, it’s important that your Mahina Cup sits below your cervix so it’s in an optimal position to catch blood flow. If your cervix is tilted, you may need to tilt your cup’s position upon insertion rather then insert it straight back.

8. Squat

It can be kind of awkward standing over the toilet trying to get your Mahina Menstrual Cup inserted properly. It’s best to step away from the toilet; the shower is the best place to practice. Get in a deep low squat and insert your Mahina Cup fully into your vaginal canal. When standing, it’s much harder to get your Mahina Cup all the way up and back into its optimal position. Squatting is a simple solution to ensuring your Mahina Cup is fully inside you.

Be Confident.
Be Bold.

I love you beautiful,