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Dangers: What NOT to do with a Yoni Egg

It’s becoming all too normalized for women to experience reproductive prolapses and incontinence. The western way will offer you a handful of surgeries and a PT to support damage patrol.

“Hysterectomy is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in women. Estimates suggest that one in nine women will undergo hysterectomy during their lifetime and that approximately 600,000 procedures are performed each year in the United States.” -National Institute of Health

It has become my mission to offer women TOOLS to heal their bodies, experience a wide range of pleasure and to keep their reproductive organs intact and in place.

Women’s empowerment and vaginal & pelvic floor tone is trending right now.. rightfully so!

We are sick of not getting answers that are holistic and supportive for women’s healing and overall wellness. And we are starting to understand the importance of having a strong foundation or root in which we operate on.

The problem is, when things trend, there is a lot of good information available.. and also a lot of not so good information as well.

For this article we are going to focus on the dangers of yoni eggs.

I commonly hear most women buy a yoni egg and make 2 of the most common mistakes.

  1. Sleeping with their egg in all night
  2. Wearing it around all day

Let’s break down these dangerous yoni egg moves one by one.

Why not to sleep with a yoni egg in

The vaginal canal is made up of a spiral network of small, delicate muscles.

These muscles get damaged easily and yet because they are small, they are also mighty and can easily repair and increase in strength. Sleeping with a yoni egg inside your vagina all night would be equivalent to sleeping with an egg lodged in your shoulder all night, except your shoulder muscles would wake you up and let you know that it hurts! The vaginal muscles are pliable and also the truth is most women are not in touch with the signals or messages that come from their vagina. The yoni egg is heavy in weight, compared to those small muscles, and would cause damage over time, creating an imprint from the pressure of being in once place for hours and hours.

So bottom line, don’t sleep with your yoni egg inside you.

Why not to wear a yoni egg around all day

Let’s imagine that we wanted to strengthen our glutes. Would you walk around all day clenching your butt? Likely not (or if you thought about it, don’t, it’s not effective). Mainly this overly exerting the muscle by contracting it all day, or forcing it to contract around the yoni egg to hold it up, would lead towards a hypertonic pelvic floor, or too contracted, too rigid and not proper flow. Proper, safe and effective yoni egg practice only needs to be 5-15 minute sessions. Because of the small muscles in the vaginal canal, they respond quickly and can also damage easily. So we want to move at a pace that moves us towards balance.

It’s important to get proper tools to work with our pelvic floor, as it’s too easy in our day of information overload to be self-directing our entire healing journey.

Using a yoni egg for pelvic floor wellness is safe, if done properly. And if not, could be dangerous and more harmful to your pelvic floor, leading in an increase of exacerbated symptoms.

If you are curious to learn safe, effective and proper yoni egg practices to restore and support pelvic floor feminine wellness, check out my signature 5-week live yoni egg embodiment course, The Empress Way.

Join a unique and flavorful blend of Ancient Taoist Wisdom, Pelvic Arts & Somatic Nervous System Regulation while using yoni eggs as our tool for deep, intimate and gentle healing.

We will learn about the dangers and the proper usage of yoni eggs plus so much more effective pelvic floor support.