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Today we start between your ears.

Yes, pleasure starts in your brain, with your ability to vision yourself giving and receiving pleasure.

Pleasure is not something that is just for the indulgent or those with ‘too much time on their hands.’

Pleasure is also not something that just happens in between the sheets.

Pleasure is for everybody, including you.

Your pleasure, directed with virtuous intension will make you more magnetic, loving and expressive of your true desires.

However, there is one main thing that blocks you from fully living in the embodiment of your pleasure. “What is it?” you ask.


The massive misunderstanding we have, as a collective, is that trauma has to be something monumental, that is obviously big T trauma in order to be considered trauma.

The truth is that trauma is any situation that is bigger than your systems’ ability to regulate.

With the impact of trauma, in any range, the first thing that happens is we leave our body.

From that moment on, there is a kink in the system. When BIG moments, sensations, experiences happen, on any scale of pleasure to pain, we have now taught our system to leave our body.


Pleasure, my love, is all about your ability to stay in your body and feel.

I know it’s scary to feel if you have not allowed yourself to feel before, and that is why you are here now, to get the support you need.

The trick to staying in your body is becoming a master at regulating your own nervous system. To help yourself off the ledge of a fight, flight or freeze response and into a state that is conscious, aware and able to make decisions that will support you.

We will continue to expand upon this as we go, promise.

Here are some of my most cherished tools for regulating the nervous system:

꩜ Meditation

꩜ Putting your bare feet on the ground

꩜ Safe, physical touch and cuddles

꩜ Orienting yourself to your physical environment (this can be as simple as taking a long, slow look around your space, top to bottom).

꩜ Vaginal Steaming, yup v-steams are a fast and effective way to quickly down-regulate your central nervous system.

I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you, where we get to continue to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our world.