Join me in this luscious tidal wave of women supporting women to reclaim their sovereignty, magic and power.

Vaginal Steaming is hot on the rising trend at the moment because it is the most EFFECTIVE way for the feminine to embody and access her deep wellspring of wisdom.

V-steaming is an ancient practice done throughout every indigenous culture as it remains the #1 holistic tool for feminine wellness, pelvic floor restoration, and spiritual health.

Graduating from the V-Steam Academy will grant you with a certification to offer vaginal steaming sessions, ceremonies, parties and unique offerings that will support you to increase your income & your impact. You will receive tangible tools, spiritual practices, herbal wisdom, ancestral remembrance, space holding abilities and everything you need to create a successful and creative vaginal steaming business. 

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30+ hours of high quality hd video teachings with Alila

Does this turn you on?

  • ✧ Being a leader in your community
  • ✧ Supporting women to unlock their creative & sensual flame
  • ✧ Having a calendar that’s booked 3 – 6 months out
  • ✧ Differentiating yourself from the sea of ‘coaches’
  • ✧ Having effective & authentic tools to guide deep healing journeys
  • ✧ Facilitating juicy activations while unraveling core wounds
  • ✧ Waking up every morning knowing you’re getting paid to live 100% aligned with your core values.
  • ✧ Helping women feel safe in their bodies & remember who they are

Remember why you came here...

  • ✧ To share your unique soul wisdom
  • ✧ To inspire change
  • ✧ To learn, evolve and transform 
  • ✧ To embody your most loving and vibrant self
  • ✧ To lead others in ways that deeply satisfies you

I get that it can be scary to step into unknown territory. 

We crave to shine brighter, then we shy away from the light. You are not alone if you continue to fall into “self-sabotaging” patterns right when you hit an edge of your expansion. 

This vaginal steam training will not only give you the tools to support others in the gorgeous alchemy of their journey, it will support YOU to move through those layers of resistance, imposture syndrome, doubt, insecurity and unworthiness to truly step into the mastery of this ancient lineage of women supporting women in the most pure, powerful and loving way possible. 


A Taste of What's Inside..


A true alchemist takes anything and transforms it into Love.  You will begin to understand the mystical language of the feminine landscape and how to become an oracle for your clients through the lens of vaginal steaming. Supporting them to transform all that is not serving them into a potent energy source to accelerate their prayers and their lives. 


Dive deep into the herbal gifts and treasures of all the major herbal allies we use for v-steam treatments. You will gain a wealth of herbal resources, protocols and be fully saturated in herbal delight. You will have the wisdom to confidently and safely guide women through transformational experiences with proper uses of herbs. 


The ceremonial aspect of the v-steam practice is one of my favorite initiations of the Academy. Learn how to set, hold and create space to take your clients on a potent journey from mundane to magical. We cover all things that can block you and support you on your space holding journey.


This training would not be complete without Alila getting you LIT on the business of v-steaming. Yes, I know, it can seem weird to charge for something that should be a gift to every woman. However, we go through all the barriers to stepping fully into your light, and getting paid to serve in a way that also serves you.

Meet Your Guide Alila Grace

Vagina Expert & Embodied Intimacy Coach
Alila is an international speaker and writer, supporting women to heal trauma, awaken life-force vitality, activate their juiciness and feel safe in their body. Alila offers you a sacred dose of intellect mixed with soulful spirituality and a large heaping of humor.

Fluent in the mystical and complex language of the female landscape, Alila is able to understand and unlock the codes of your souls’ mission, through the translation of your body’s wisdom.

Many call Alila “a teacher of teachers.” She is passionate about spreading this ancient lineage far and wide to support women having the tools and care they deserve. She will guide you through your own healing in the process of supporting you to step into embodied leadership. 

Lives Changed


Invest in you

This is the most in depth & holistic Vaginal Steaming Practitioner Certification available. By implementing the marketing materials provided, you will be able to make back the investment within 5 – 7 private sessions or 1 – 2 group sessions. 

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For the flexible


Frequently Asked Questions:

The course is systematically programed to take you on a journey. The first module and the extensive library of LIVE calls will be unlocked immediately. The next 5 modules will unlock week by week to give you time to really saturate with and digest the knowledge. Alila will run LIVE calls by-weekly in the summer and winter months, stay tuned for dates and all students are welcomed into these continuous support calls. 

The content is in your portal with ‘life-time’ access so you really can take our time diving into the information as it aligns with your schedule. Each week there is about 2 hrs of video learning content plus 1hr of homework to keep you on pace. 

I can ASSURE you that the ROI (return on investment) will end up giving you so much time and money back in return.

Due to having ‘life-access’ you have the time you need to really sink into it and pace yourself in a way that feels good for you.

I believe in this course with all of me. Transparency being a core value of our community means we put a lot of effort into an accurate representation of the Academy experience. I’m happy to answer any questions you have in advance. Due to this product being digital and immediately accessible, we do not offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Email our team directly with any questions at

I recommend purchasing the course package with V-Steam Queen Spa. It will prepare you to be the most successful in your home-practice and life-long wellness journey. You can see that option with the best price when you check out. 


Thank you for your interest in joining V-Steam Academy. If you still have questions that were not answered here, send us a message and we look forward to seeing you in your inbox.

in gratitude, Alila x