Awaken your Vagina

You were made to blossom open


In an ideal inner ecosystem, your vagina is a self-regulating and self-cleansing organ.

However, when you are inundated with too much from your environment, have transitioning hormones, experienced trauma or have used products that aren’t as close to nature as you thought, your delicate vaginal pH goes out of balance which leads to.. well a potentially dry, life-less and depressed vagina. 

In my 2 decades of supporting women reclaim their bodies as sovereign pleasure palaces, v-steams, or vaginal steams, have been the #1 catalyst to their profound and life-transformative results. 

STEAM QUEEN is an initiative journey that sinks you deep into the world of v-steams and womb consciousness. We cover the how to, why to, when to, what to and who to PLUS embark on the Divine Feminine journey to reclaim your body, power and pleasure. 

 Upon registration, you will immediately receive:

  •  11x high-quality HD videos on the magic, lineages and wisdom of v-steaming
  • 2x shamanic womb embodiment meditations to journey with
  • An Herbal Alley Booklet, full of v-steam protocols for common ailments
  • All audio recordings to listen at your leisure on the go. 


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Sister, you're in the right place if you've ever experienced:

  • A dry, painful, low libido aka depressed vagina
  • Postpartum – especially birth trauma, vaginal tearing or cesarean sections
  • Peri or post menopause
  • Fertility challenges 
  • Being on birth control
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Menstrual pain, excessive bleeding, cramping or clotting
  • Reoccurring UTIs, yeast or bacterial infections
  • Uterine or organ prolapse 
  • A hysterectomy or removal of any reproductive organs 
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Mysterious pussy problems that you don’t want to ‘manage’ anymore

Get ready to meet yourself: ​

  • Turned on, plush and lubricated
  • In love with your vagina and it’s genie powers
  • Creative, determined and clear
  • Knowing what you need and the courage to make necessary changes 
  • With prophetic and pain-free periods
  • Fertile as a spring chicken (for baby making and creative projects)
  • As a powerful creatrix of your reality, free from ancestral baggage.

“Alila is a magnetic and clear catalyst for embodied love. She earnestly walks her talk and serves from an unconditional heart who sees the beauty in every human journey. Knowing her personally and professionally grants me access to the ever transparent honesty she brings to both arenas. She is a joyful, sensual, and deeply fierce guide through the sexual arena into the truth of love.
~Katherine Zorensky

Meet Your Guide
Alila Grace

Holistic pleasure, period + wellness coach
Founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup and V-steam Academy, Alila is a womb wellness & pleasure embodiment expert. She is an international speaker and writer, inspiring women to accelerate their spiritual journey by reclaiming their soulful sexuality.
Some call Alila a yoni witch or a womb whisperer because she speaks the mystical language of the female landscape. She has traveled many corners of the globe, receiving ancient wisdom traditions, distilling them into accessible practices for your modern awakening. 
Combining ancient tantra techniques, somatic embodiment, herbalism,  her keen intuition and unshakable optimism, Alila inspires the you to re-memeber who you are.

You know that gritty feeling on your teeth when they need a good brushing?! 

Imagine that same feeling in your vagina,  as symptoms that you are experiencing (dryness, hormonal swings, painful sex or periods, etc), signaling that you’re ready for a good cleaning. 

V-steams are the #1 time honored practice for holistic feminine wellness. It’s a gentle, non-invasive, sacred, and yes, pleasurable way to keep your vaginal wellness in check.

Physically, energetically and spiritually, you are about to discover the boundless power, love and wisdom waiting for you. 

There is a reason v-steams are HOT on trend at the moment! Women all over the globe are waking up and reclaiming their bodies as whole and holy. V-steams are the most effective self-care protocol, and possible in the comfort of your own home.

Steam Queen is here to initiate you into the wonderful herbal delight of this ancient, potent practice. If you are ready to meet yourself as you know yourself to be TRUE, then don’t delay another moment. Join me on this tidal wave of women remembering, healing and claiming their sovereignty.

If you feel that bubbly sensation that feels on the edge of fear and excitement, lean into it. That is your body telling you that something BIG is here for you! 

You deserve pleasure, power and wisdom. ♛

From my luscious yoni to yours,


Frequently Asked Questions:

The course is available to you in FULL the moment you sign up.

As a solo mama, CEO of a Mahina Cup and creatrix of courses, i can ASSURE you that the ROI (return on investment) will end up giving you so much time in return.

When you are centered in your womb wisdom and clear of density, you will have more vitality, clarity and precision with your precious time resource!

The content is in your portal with ‘life-time’ access so you really can take our time diving into the information as it aligns with your schedule. Inside there are 11 high-quality HD videos, 2 audio download meditations and an Herbal Steam Guide.


I believe in this work with all of me. It 100% works if you show up for yourself. No backdoors sister. This will hold you accountable and contain the alchemy for your stunning transformation.

Email Alila directly with any questions at

I recommend purchasing the course package with our Love Your Yoni Steam Spa bundle. It will prepare you to be the most successful in your home-practice and life-long wellness journey. You can see that option when you check out.

"How did the ROSE ever open its HEART and give to this world all of its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of LIGHT against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened."


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Grab your 3 Day Pleasure Activation Sequence

Enter your email to receive 3 yummy high-quality videos to lead you deeper in your pleasure PLUS juicy advice, sexy tips, wellness ninja tricks and exclusive invitations delivered straight to your inbox.

*I honor your inbox and promise not to spam