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Here's What the Ladies Have to Say About Mahina Menstrual Cup....

As a sexual health educator I love how Alila and Mahina Cups strive to not only provide a lovely product but also to educate and support women in it’s use. It makes a big difference. Personally, I had used the Diva Cup prior to purchasing the Mahina Cup and for me, it has been much more comfortable, where I don’t feel it inside at all. I find moon cups to be an empowering experience for women and I hope the use of them spreads like crazy! Thanks for your work Alila!
— Sarah Naomi Bly FAE, DEM
"To see my blood, unadulterated by the tampon was a holy, sacred experience. I am in L.O.V.E.!"
— Kerry, California
I used Mahina Cup for the first time on my moon for the whole cycle and had ZERO leaks. To say that I am “amazed” with this product’s performance is definitely an understatement. Super comfortable, no leaks, and easy to use. I pretty much forgot that I was on my period. And the fact that I only have to empty it out twice a day is a definite plus! Go green menstrual products!!!
— Tatiana, Hawai’i
I have an extra sensitive yoni that doesn’t enjoy tampons nor most standard moon cups but I have found a harmonious relationship with Mahina Cup. It is the softest and easiest to insert and retrieve of all the different brands I’ve tried. I am so grateful to be able to give my blood back to Pachamama.
— Hailey, Hawai'i
The conversation begins with what do I need and what do I want. Mahina Cup solves both questions! I Need to feel like I’m taken care of and I Want to be conscious of how I take care of myself. While using Mahina Cup, I felt a really deep conversation with my womb, while experiencing great relaxation and trust. I’m really excited to see how the beautiful conversation ebbs and flows (all puns intended). I am grateful!!
— Ginger, California
My experience with Mahina Cup has been very empowering and has helped me to build a stronger connection with my blood and my cycle. It has taught me to love the whole process and recognize how beautiful it is and how important it is for me to accept. Thanks to Mahina Cup my cramps have gone from debilitating to totally manageable! It has been absolutely freeing!! I also love collecting my blood to offer it back to the earth. Using Mahina Cup has been life and cycle changing - I am forever grateful!!
— Amanda, Hawai’i
I switched to the mahina cup after my cycle returned postpartum and I am blown away! I had a really rough month, and when it was time to use my cup, she sang to me as I stepped into a healing cleansing shower. I love how this product has enhanced my connection to my rhythms, my cervix, and to my divine feminine power.
-Carley, Chicago
I feel so blessed that I came across Mahina Cup, it has changed my life completely!! Every time I get my moon cycle, I am grateful! The newness of using Mahina Cup has not faded. I love everything about my Mahina Cup - I love cleaning it, I love using it, I love that it’s light weight to carry around, and I love that I don’t feel it inside of me. I forget often that I’m on my moon cycle, for it’s such a comfortable week. I continue practicing yoga, swimming, dancing and joyfully continue to do all the activities I love doing! Big mahalo!
— Samantha, Colorado
Mahina Cup is a celebration of sustainability ~ YES, I am contributing to a global cause!! Mahina Cup lasts infinitely longer then a tampon. I feel great using a product that gives back and that I know conscious energy goes into. A little bit of silicone lasts many many years. I’m really grateful! I will continue to use Mahina Cup for the rest of my life and recommend it to all my sisters!
— Kate, Sydney Aus