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Welcome beautiful, 

It’s an honor to be with you at this amazing and potent time on the planet. We are about to embark on a delicious and steamy journey through your luscious female landscape. Steam Queen was created to provide you with the tangible tools, herbal wisdom, spiritual awakening, meditative guidance and specific protocols for your vaginal steaming success.

This wisdom is invaluable because is supports your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. This is the numbero uno practice for down-regulating the system, healing trauma (specifically sexual & reproductive), balance your hormones, support you feeling safe in your body, cultivating magnetism from your root, increasing lubrication and libido and I could go on for a life-time with the benefits of a consistent vaginal steaming practice. 

Ok, I hear you, “Why so much hype about my vagina?!” 

Because, your vagina is the central control station for your entire bodies operating system. Your vagina has a unique microbiome that radios up to both your gut and your brain. When something is ‘funky’ in your vagina, it sends out a signal to your body, ie. uncomfortable, painful and potentially smelly symptoms.  

So my job is to give you all the tools, both practical and energetic so you not only understand what your body is telling you, but you also can get to the root cause.. get it, root?!

It’s time to amp up your self-care in a way that is deeply caring, healing and awakening for all of yourself. 

If you’re feeling this taster, you will LOVE the full Steam Queen meal.

I’ll see you on the inside love.

from my inspired heart to yours, xxAlila 

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