Whats your Vagina got to do with it?


You may think that your vagina is just for your period, making babies or satisfying your partner. 

You may experience uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms such as dryness, reoccurring UTIs, lack of libido, mystery smells or hormonal rollercoasters and think this is just “part of being a woman.” 

You whisper your woos to your gyno, receive a prescription for a cream or pill and are sent on your way. 

But you continue to feel frustrated, confused and downright outraged for always having symptoms and never getting answers.


You're in the right place if you've ever experienced:

  • ♡ Menstrual pain, excessive bleeding, cramping or clotting
  • ♡ Urinary incontinence
  • ♡ A dry, painful, low libido
  • ♡ Postpartum – especially birth trauma, vaginal tearing or cesarean sections
  • ♡ Peri or post menopause
  • ♡ Fertility challenges 
  • ♡ Reoccurring UTIs, yeast or bacterial infections
  • ♡ Uterine or organ prolapse 
  • ♡ A hysterectomy or removal of any reproductive organs 
  • ♡ Mysterious vagina problems that you don’t want to ‘manage’ anymore

How Vaginal Steaming will Transform you: ​

Boost confidence in bed and in the world
꩜ Feel connected and lovingly towards your vagina
Feeling like you are safe and belong in your body
꩜ Rocket-boost creativity and hone in on your inner wisdom
Understand the messages and needs of your body and how to respond 
Pain-free and prophetic periods
Set free from your past
Detox from physical, emotional and energetic toxins
Bring your hormones, pH. and vaginal microbiome into balance

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Ready to take your power back?

You know that gritty feeling on your teeth when they need a good brushing?! 

Imagine that same feeling in your vagina,  as symptoms that you are experiencing (dryness, hormonal swings, painful s3x or periods), signaling that you’re ready for a good cleaning. 

Even with the best of brushing and flossing, we all know for proper oral hygiene, you have to regularly go get those deep cleans. Your vagina is the same.

Even while doing your best, your vagina is consistently regulating emotional, environmental and spiritual toxins. 

To a certain threshold your vagina is self-cleansing and regulating, however with the state of todays world, let’s be real: we need all the tools we got to keep her in tip-top shape. 

There is an effecitive, gentle and ancient tool I want to tell you about, it’s called ‘Vaginal Steaming.’

Vaginal steaming, or v-steams, are the #1 time honored practice for holistic feminine and postpartum care. It’s a gentle, non-invasive, sacred, and pleasurable way to keep your pelvic wellness in check.

It gently cleanses the reproductive system of toxins, excess hormones, old, stagnant blood, birth left-overs and even things like old lovers and childhood antibiotics. As you sit over warm steam infused with your prayers, you’re balancing your vaginal pH, down-regulating your central nervous system, lifting and toning your uterus, increasing engorgement and lubrication, accessing your root voice and supporting your vaginal microbiome. 

When your vagina is healthy, balanced and turned on, you will be too!

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Microbiologist Gregor Reid insists that not placing "a huge focus on the vaginal microbiome is like putting human survival at risk." Yes, the vaginal microbiome is paramount to our survival. because it affects our vitality, immunity, fertility and genetic wealth.

“Why so much V-hype?!” you ask. 

Because your vagina is your central control station, sending signals to your gut and brain when things are off. So if you are after some WHOLE body wellness, you want to start here, caring for the vitality and wellbeing of your female wellspring. 

My gift to bring accessible, informative and empowering wisdom directly to you: 


Join me in this fun, educational and deeply informative journey through this ancient and effective practice. 

Upon registration, you will immediately receive:

  • ♛ 10x high-quality HD videos
    • 🎥 Welcome Queen 
    • 🎥 What is Vaginal Steaming & HERstory
    • 🎥 The Healing Potential of V-Steams 
    • 🎥 How Vaginal Steaming can Benefit You
    • 🎥 Steaming for a Pain-free Period
    • 🎥 Steaming for Postpartum Care 
    • 🎥 Steaming for a Luscious 2nd Spring, aka Menopause 
    • 🎥 DIY V-Steam Ceremony
    • 🎥 Practices while on your Steamy Throne 
    • 🎥 Re-orientation and Integration: The Bridge Back
  • ♛ 2x shamanic womb meditations to assist you to relax, drop in and have a guide by your side
  • ♛ An Herbal Alley Guide, full of how to use specific herbs to support common reproductive ailments
  • ♛ All HD videos are available in audio MP3 format to listen on the go

Meet Your Guide
Alila Grace

Holistic Female Embodiment Coach
Alila is an international speaker and writer, supporting women to heal trauma, awaken Shakti, claim their sovereignty and become body-literate. She is the intersection of holistic womb care, tantric arts and somatic embodiment. Alila is a pleasure, period and v-steam expert offering you a sacred dose of intellect mixed with soulful spirituality.  
Many refer to Alila as a “womb witch” because she has traveled many corners of the globe, initiated in ancient wisdom traditions and distilling them into accessible practices for your modern evolution. She’s fluent in the mystical language of the feminine landscape.
Alila will guide you back to the love that you are.ꨄ

“This course moved me to inspired action. The videos are short, digestible and packed with valuable, juicy wisdom. Alila is an embodiment of the teachings that she shares. I experience excitement and a draw-in while watching the videos, a sweet and passionate motivation. After I finished the course I felt informed, confident, and inspired to begin my steam practice.
I experience Alila as a teacher of teachers, a healer of healers."
~Simran Shakti

Frequently Asked Questions:

The course is available to you in FULL the moment you sign up.

As a solo mama, CEO of a Mahina Cup and creatrix of courses, i can ASSURE you that the ROI (return on investment) will end up giving you so much time in return.

When you are centered in your womb wisdom and clear of density, you will have more vitality, clarity and precision with your precious time resource!

The content is in your portal with ‘life-time’ access so you really can take our time diving into the information as it aligns with your schedule. Inside there are 11 high-quality HD videos, 2 audio download meditations and an Herbal Steam Guide.


I believe in this work with all of me. It 100% works if you show up for yourself. No backdoors sister. This will hold you accountable and contain the alchemy for your stunning transformation.

Email Alila directly with any questions at alila@alilagrace.com

I recommend purchasing the course package with V-Steam Queen Spa. It will prepare you to be the most successful in your home-practice and life-long wellness journey. You can see that option when you check out.

"How did the ROSE ever open its HEART and give to this world all of its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of LIGHT against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened."