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Here we are, at our 3rd and final day of your Pleasure Activation. Today we are getting down and juicy, traveling to your yoni, yes the treasure between your legs.

Follow my lead for a simple and fun practice to activate your vaginal muscles, which mimics arousal, brings fresh blood and circulation to your yoni and creates an access point that has your yoni wanting MORE!

Want to know a secret, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Your vagina is a small spiral network of small muscles. This means that short, focused exercises are all that’s needed to start seeing results.

Results will vary and may look something like:

꩜ Releasing trauma

꩜ Clearing old lovers, patterns and stories

꩜ Increased lubrication and turn on

꩜ Feeling safe in your body (yes, your power comes from within)

꩜ Increased orgasmic potential

꩜ Becoming a magnet for your heart’s desires

꩜ Feeling clear, confident and competent

Want in on my secret for the best practice for your vagina after you give her a good workout?!

A nice warm vaginal steam.

Yes, a vaginal steam is like a facial for your sacred temple.

It opens the pours, warms the skin, pulls out toxins and infuses your entire pelvic bowl with blessed herbal medicine.

Mmhmm, sounds like vaginal spa heaven.

Ready to give it a try? 

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