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Welcome back to your Pleasure Activation.

Today we are going into our 2nd activation center, the heart of your pleasure.

One of the key ingredients of pleasure, is the openness of your heart.

With an open heart, your pleasure will be an expression of your deepest love.

The combined magnetism of your open flowing heart with your open flowing pleasure will bring all your desires to fruition.

One of the first things I teach in all my containers is how to bring your heart in alignment with your genitals.

When the love of your heart fuels the power of your pleasure then you become a truly integrated and embodied being.

So many women are scared of their power because they have misused or abused it.

And equally are women scared to open their hearts because they have been broken and violated.


᯽Opening your heart is necessary to fully open to your deepest pleasure.᯽

Your heart is the key to unlock your power, not the other way around.

Pleasure can be the most medicinal, healing, awakening and soul-shaking energy when it is backed by your Love.

Some other ways to massage open your heart:

꩜ Drinking ceremonial grade cacao with loving intentions

꩜ Massaging your breasts (more on that in the vid ;))

꩜ Breathing a pink light into the center of your chest and allow that light to expand with every breath

꩜ Practicing forgiveness to yourself and others

꩜ Vaginal Steaming, it opens your whole pelvic floor and supports you to feel safe enough to open your heart.

More from me soon, can’t wait to be with you again tomorrow!