FREE Workshop​: Holding Space for the Deep Feminine

✯ Calling all leaders, change makers, facilitators, healers and creative visionaries ✯

We need you to have the tools, nervous system literacy and roadmap to hold space for HER that is ready to heal and awaken.

Have you been wanting to:

꩜ Deepen your space holding abilities?
꩜ Understand the language of trauma in the female system?
꩜ Guide and support her awakening her sensual shakti essence?!

The world needs you to increase your impact and your income.

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xx Alila

“I will honestly say Alila Rose Grace is the most positive, uplifting woman I have met. She radiates pure joy, deep wisdom and sparkling health. Her wisdom is lovingly delivered, delightfully deep and easily assimilated. She is a rising female leader in women’s health today. ”
-Darby Partner, CPM

Meet Your Guide
Alila Grace

Holistic Female Embodiment Coach
Alila is an international speaker and writer, supporting women to transform trauma, awaken Shakti, claim their sovereignty and become body-literate. She is the intersection of holistic womb care, tantric arts and somatic embodiment. Alila is a pleasure, period and v-steam expert offering you a sacred dose of intellect mixed with soulful spirituality.  
Many refer to Alila as a “womb witch” because she has traveled many corners of the globe, initiated in ancient wisdom traditions and distilling them into accessible practices for your modern evolution. She’s fluent in the mystical language of the feminine landscape.
Alila will guide you back to the love that you are.ꨄ

"Alila helped me realize that I can get through life's challenges with ease by doing all things from a place of joy and love"
~Ashley Shock