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  • ♛ Waking up with passion, eager to serve in a way that is purposeful and aligned with your deepest values.

    ♛ Having an overflowing wellspring of tools, wisdom and support to help heal the collective feminine embodiment.

    ♛ Feeling proud, empowered, well paid and deeply valued for your offerings.

The Deep Feminine Is Becoming an Endanged Species𓆃

She who feels, heals, laughs louder, cries harder, knows her body is an oracle, has courage to follow her inner pulse, is devoted to a life of Love and innerstands her BIGNESS is her gift.

She needs your help to remember there is a space and place for her on the planet at this time.

She’s slowly becoming extinct as life becomes more robotic and less human.

The most effective and loving way to support the deep feminine is through VAGINAL STEAMING.

V-Steaming is hot on rising trend at the moment and I’ll tell you why.

It is the most EMBODIED way for the feminine to embody and access her deep wellspring of wisdom.

V-steaming is an ancient practice done throughout every indigenous culture because it is the #1 holistic tool for feminine wellness: psychically, spiritually & emotionally. 

I created V-Steam Academy so you are equipped with tangible tools, ancestral wisdom and heaps of inspiration to serve the feminine in the deepest way to heal, remember and awaken. 

Join a supportive community in this luscious tidal wave of women supporting women reclaim their sovereignty, magic and power⥥

As a trauma therapist for the past 22 years, I've studied and practiced many methods of trauma recovery and vaginal steaming is by far one of the most powerful tools I've seen to heal trauma. V-steaming is a gentle and soothing practice that releases trauma from the body, down regulates the central nervous system, and empowers women to use their innate wisdom to heal and live with passion!
-Krista L. Barker, Ph.D