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Truth is within You.

Embody Boundless

Meet Alila Grace

Embodied Intimacy & Vagina Expert


To support you to be all that you
are meant to be, anchored in Love.

I seamlessly weave together ancient tantra techniques, somatic embodiment, neuroscience, positive psychology, sexology and the latest research in female biology to support you in up-leveling all areas of your life, love and mission.

I believe that pleasure is your birthright, and through the unlocking + removal of blockages, stories, patterns, karmic knots and ancestral hand me downs we will unleash the JOY that is innately you. 

Your female biology has a unique and powerful technology that when tapped into, you gain access to all the wisdom, love and truth of your holy soul.

Have you already seen the 

  • Gyno 
  • Naturopath
  • Acupuncturist
  • Nutritionalist
  • Herbalist
  • Shaman
  • Energy healer
  • Psychic 
  • Psychologist

.. and you’re still suffering?! Great, then you are ready to work with me!

Most people come to me at the end of the line, when they have desperation pushing them to do the deeper work no one else will hold or see. 

I use my decades of experience, knowledge and intuitive gifts to take you all the way.

You have all the answers inside you and my gift is to open the door, shine a light and cheer you on as you Remember.


We begin in a safe environment, because only by you feeling safe will your nervous system settle and we can access the deepest layers. 

We will have some time for sharing, where I will be listening in-between the lines and watching your body for somatic clues. I use my research and studies combined with intuitive guidance to lead you in an embodied experience. All practices are based on ancient tantric principles married with cutting edge modalities. 


As we drop deeper, we unlock hidden gems, find buried treasure and awaken to glorious ah-ha moments that will change your life. 

You will be left with next steps and a protocol to continue opening until our next session together. 

This work is both profound and graceful. You can expect to leave sessions feeling turned-on, empowered, energized, confident, clear and a deep sense of Love.


Your sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe and when backed by your Love,

you become unstoppable! 

“Alila is a magnetic and clear catalyst for embodied love. She earnestly walks her talk and serves from an unconditional heart who sees the beauty in every human journey. Knowing her personally and professionally grants me access to the ever transparent honesty she brings to both arenas. She is a joyful, sensual, and deeply fierce guide through the sexual arena into the truth of love."

~Katherine Zorensky


Thank you for your interest in working with me. I am honored that you are taking the time to discover if we are a soul-client kind of fit.

If you are interested in discovering your most authentic, loving and pleasurable capacity fill out this form and someone from my team will send you an intake form and details about my coaching packages. 

See you in your inbox with next steps on your path to awakening into deeper Love.

deep bows, Alila x 

Darby Partner, CPM
Darby Partner, CPM
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“I will honestly say Alila Rose Grace is the most positive, uplifting woman I have met. She radiates in pure joy, deep wisdom and sparkling health. Her wisdom is lovingly delivered, delightfully deep and easily assimilated. She is a rising female leader in women’s health today. ”
Ashley Shock
Ashley Shock
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"Working with Alila has brought some big truths to light within myself that were vital to continuing in my expansion of consciousness. With her support, I was able to show up for myself while she held space for me with strength and femininity. She helped me realize that I can get through life's challenges with ease by doing all things from a place of joy and love. She has big sister energy-wise beyond her years and so full of light. I'm forever grateful for our time together and for sharing her wisdom with me.”
Laura Dawn
Laura Dawn
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Alila has this uncanny ability to translate subtle yet powerful concepts about self-awareness into a language you will understand. She used a metaphor that completely changed the way I related to my sacred yoni. Alila's inspiring and positive attitude, coupled with her depth of wisdom and capacity to draw upon science is unparalleled.