What’s your microbiome got to do with it?!


At our very essence we are a constellation of all microbiological life. 

The feminine has a unique landscape where both the biology of the gut and vagina carry a blueprint for wellness that communicates to our whole being. 

These centers of our body are the main control station that send signals to our entire being to nourish creative life-force and the health of our nervous, endocrine and immune systems.  

Imagine this:

꩜ Revitalizing the force of the feminine on the planet at this time, healing the past so we can shift into a new paradigm of compassionate action and pleasure as a purpose. 

꩜ Embarking on a stunning activation journey to cleanse out anything standing in the way of you embodying your full feminine radiance and tapping into your cellular and body wisdom.

꩜ Being held in a sacred container, as you remember how to deeply love and nurture yourself, yes ALL of you.

Your Personal Invitation:

We’ve come together to offer you the most comprehensive and embodied journey to revitalize your gut and vaginal microbiome, which ultimately leads to whole body vitality. From this overflowing wellspring, you will drop deeply into a safe internal landscape to embrace the rainbow spectrum of your sensuality, inspiration and joy! 

Join our team of experts, bringing you a dynamic guided exploration that synergistically weaves elements of the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual and cosmic planes into tangible daily practices to help you elevate and transform your quality of life. 

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This container is for you if you exerience:

  • ▽ Menstrual pain, excessive bleeding, cramping or clotting
  • ▽ Reoccurring UTIs, yeast or bacterial infections
  • ▽ Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, cysts, fibroids and general fertility challenges.
  • ▽ Postpartum related symptoms such as birth trauma, vaginal tearing or cesarean sections
  • ▽ Peri or post menopausal dryness, hot flashes and hormonal inconsistency.
  • ▽ Lack of libido, turn on or feeling safe in your body or to express your sexuality
  • △ Chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, depression, adrenal burnout or brain fog
  • △ Compromised immunity, chronic inflammation, joint aches or pains
  • △ Difficultly with weight loss or gain
  • △ Digestive imbalances such as leaky gut, gas, bloating, constipation and candida
  • △ Excessive or unhealthy cravings.
  • △ A general disassociation from your mind, body and spirit. 

Through this journey, you will: ​

  • ☾ Understand how to read the signals of your body’s natural intelligence. 
  • ☾ Embrace a loving connection towards your vagina.
  • ☾ Increase intuition and heighten your senses to soulfully navigate your life.
  • ☾ Embody your creative genius, purposeful ecstasy and shining forth your unique encoded wisdom. 
  • ☾ Detox from physical, emotional and energetic toxins
  • ☾ Deeply nourish and fully regenerate on a cellular level.
  • ☾ Enjoy glowing skin, mental clarity, toned body, improved mood, sleep immunity,  overflowing inspiration and a wellspring of energy.
  • ☾ Cultivate inner balance to relieve stress.

Holistic Nutrition: The 30 day organic superfood nutrition protocol from Purium provides you with a comprehensive package to gently detoxify, cleanse and deeply nourish your body temple on every level. This Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation is available with multiple options that can be tailored to meet your personal goals, including support for healthy immunity and optimizing fitness performance. Receive 60 meals worth of pure, potent, convenient nutrition that helps to eliminate glyphosate, parasites, as well as other toxins, while restoring a healthy alkaline terrain in the body. Circle back with the sister who shared this with you to customize your order. (nutritional package sold separately)

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Receive a LIVE weekly health support call from Erika Closter rich with guidance for your transformation and education on gut microbiome health!

Deep Feminine Embodiment: It’s time to drop deep into your body and discover the wisdom, pleasure and creative genius there for you. With this container you will get access to Steam Queen, the most comprehensive mini course on vaginal steaming available. V-steaming is the #1 holistic tool for the feminine embodied to heal trauma, activate Shakti (Divine Feminine life-force) and remember the power of Her full presence. This ancient practice will offer you tangible results to journey deep within the cavern of your sacred source center. Yes, your life-force is worth your time and energy as it’s where all your energy is birthed from! Through the practice of v-steaming, not only will you benefit from a myriad of physical upgrades you will also feel a welcomed shift emotionally, energetically and spiritually. 

Plus you will have Alila Grace guiding you LIVE weekly bringing the sensual juice, orgasmic laughter and on-point inspiration to show up as your most enlivened expression.

For Steam Queen details journey HERE.

Mana Movement: Integrate another layer of self care through movement, focused on core activations to support women specifically. Fitness leader, Sky Falzone, will bring you a movement class tailored specifically to strengthen core engagement and pelvic floor structure, using spiraling techniques and transverse abdominal exercises. These opening and spiraling explorations offer a deep invitation for women to release stored trauma, from experiences including birth, miscarriage, menstrual imbalances, sexual, emotional, physical, etc. Accompanied by some sweet beats, you will journey through states of surrender, sweet releases, deep sensual stretching, muscle toning, conscious breathing, chakra balancing, embodiment and transformation on every level!

Sky will lead A LIVE weekly movement class, guiding you through a 4 part movement exploration series. Come ready to open, sweat, release, and thrive!

Vocal Activation: Hanna Leigh will guide you in an exploration of the womb/voice connection. Many women hold wounds around the singing voice, or feel shy, constricted and unexpressed. Your singing voice (Yes, your singing voice) has potential to root you into your power, clarity and pleasure. In our ritual together, you will be guided through simple practices to connect you with this potential in an embodied way.

 Lunar Wisdom, Mahina Mana’o: This study will focus on integrating the ancient wisdom of Kaulana Mahina (lunar cycle) into our modern lives, with emphasis on our relationship as wahine, women, and its effects on our bodies. Led by a Native Hawaiian wahine, Alohi Kaiamakini, this opportunity to cultivate greater understanding with the guiding force offered by the moon brings insight, ancestral wisdom, and intention to our journey. The phases and cycles of the moon and women are intimately connected.

Learn to track the moon, observe and align with these natural rhythms and the gifts they guide through a weekly call LIVE with Alohi. She brings Mahina Mana’o from Hawaii, which can also offer applied learning from anywhere worldwide.

Blossoming Sisterhood: You will be added into a sacred container, within a private online community (not on social media). Here we will share the journey together over the 4 weeks. You’ll have exclusive access to interact with a global community, explore video recordings, libido-boosting recipes and receive up to date support.

"Wow, just wow, I had no clue vaginal steaming was so profound. I look at my vagina and my self-care in a whole new light thanks to Steam Queen and Alila. I've never felt more alive, connected and Queen-like!"
- Macayla

Holistic Female Embodiment Guide
Alila is an international speaker and writer, supporting women to heal trauma, awaken Shakti, claim their sexual sovereignty and become body-literate. She is the intersection of holistic womb care, tantric arts and somatic embodiment. Alila is a pleasure, period and v-steam expert offering you a sacred dose of intellect mixed with soulful spirituality.  
Many refer to Alila as a “womb witch”  because she has traveled many corners of the globe, initiated in ancient wisdom traditions and distilling them into accessible practices for your modern evolution. She’s fluent in the mystical language of the feminine landscape.
Alila will guide you back to the love that you are.ꨄ
Holistic nutrition expert

Erika is a graduate of the Chef’s Training Program at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in New York City. She is a holistic wellness guide, a nutritional consultant, and an eBook author on superfood nutrition, as well as a cookbook, titled: The Pureganic Companion. Her culinary training has inspired her to help promote the connection between food, sustenance, and nurturance. Erika has also been a life long organic farmer, and is a mother of 5 children cultivating a permaculture farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. She is passionate about educating on food as medicine, health principles, culinary arts, sustainability, and living a thriving home-based mamapreneur lifestyle.

"Working with these products has been an absolute revelation for me. It really feels like the next best thing to growing and eating all of my own food, the quality of the products, freshness of the ingredients, and the integrity of the company come together to create profoundly nourishing experience. I feel revitalized, I feel grounded, I feel joy in my healing body.”
-Isabel Quarta

Frequently Asked Questions:

We begin our 4 week journey on 11/11 with a welcome call and orientation. 

The schedule of educational and embodiment calls will be inside our container. 

It’s best to order by 10/31 to be sure you get your Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation in time to start our journey together. 

We will have 3 LIVE calls per week plus a few extra embodiment workshops. All recordings will be in the portal which you will have ‘life-time’ access for. Inside Steam Queen there are 11 high-quality HD videos, 2 audio download meditations and an Herbal Steam Guide.

Email Erika: erikacloster@gmail.com or Alila: alila@alilagrace.com directly with any questions.

In order to join this container, you need to order your Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation nutritional package. We also recommend purchasing the V-Steam Queen Spa . It will prepare you to be the most successful in your home-practice and life-long wellness journey. You can see that option at check out.

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