You are in the right place if you:

  • ❀ Crave more Love 
  • ❀ Feel distant, blocked or curious about your pleasure
  • ❀ Know there is more for you in this life and not sure where to begin. 
  • ❀ Have experienced any spectrum of trauma and are ready to clear, heal and awaken out of it. 
  • ❀ Are sick of manifesting intimacy tests and are ready for some holy love.
  • ❀ Want to generate more abundance, creative offerings and soul gifts.
  • ❀ Have any range of reproductive ailments, symptoms or problems.
  • ❀ Want better, hotter and more fulfilling and sacred intimacy with yourself and others. 
  • ❀ Are ready to do the deep beautiful and occasionally messy work that leads to your awakening.

My Philosophy

All bodies can give and receive Pleasure. All bodies have Creative Genius and Divine Spark encoded in their DNA. All bodies can have Life-Changing, Soul Awakening Orgasms!

My Broad Brush Bio

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup and V-steam Academy, is a holistic pleasure, period and wellness coach. She is an international speaker and writer, inspiring women from all over the globe to claim their sovereign sexuality, heal through trauma and become body-literate. Alila encourages the awakening of your souls mission, through the translation of your innate body’s wisdom.

Alila has studied with a wide range of masters and leaders while globe trotting. All of her teachings have been alchemized through her to bring you the most cutting edge, soulful experience. Alila blends her embodiment of Shakti (Divine Feminine) awakening and relentless optimism with modern modalities of holistic wellness, pleasure practices, neuroscience and somatic embodiment. She has a profound ability to weave the ancient with the present moment.

Your soul is in for a treat!

Let's get personal

  • ☾ Growing up, the only time I felt peace and pleasure was on the dance floor. I danced competitively and recreationally since the age 3.
  • ☾ My first yoga class was with Jonny Kest at 16 years old with my mom after high-school graduation. I’ve been on the mat ever since.  
  • ☾ I have a B.A. in Psychology after exploring 8 different majors in undergrad. I’m finally feeling ready for my next degree (TBA).
  • ☾ I sold all my belongings after university, bought a back pack and lived life on one-way plane tickets for almost a decade. I traveled the globe as a nomad and sat at the feet of many great spiritual leaders.
  • ☾ Omega Institute was my home-base while I traveled, returning yearly to soak in the community, the spirit, and the masters that passed through. 
  • My first tantra teacher was the late Psalm Isadora, who I followed to India in 2010 and went on a wild, disaster of a ride igniting my Shakti (Divine Feminine Life Force Energy)
  • ☾ I spent all of 2011 at a very disciplined tantric ashram in the high mountains of New Zealand with a shaved head, spending my days meditating and hula-hooping for sheep.
  • ☾ I began Mahina Menstrual Cup in 2012 while living in India after a meditation vision told me to serve woman. I started importing cups into India, selling them to tourist in hand-made cotton bags and exchanging them with locals for chai.
  • ☾ I spent 5 summers working at Omega Teen Camp as the moon lodge leader, teaching teens how to love and care for their body, mind and spirit.  
  • ☾ I’m a serial monogamous and am deeply turned on by intimate relationship as a path of enlightenment.
  • ☾ I conceived my daughter after an 8hr hike into the valley, under a magical waterfall on 11.22 on my 33rd birthday – she is the JOY of my life!  
  •  I took a spontaneous solo soul transformational priestess activation journey through the desert sands and ancient temples of Egypt. I’m still unraveling the codes that were activated.
  • ☾ I’ve been facilitating transformational experiences, via coaching, retreats, workshops, ceremonies, birth work etc, for over a decade.
  • ☾ I leave everything/one better then I found it.