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Translating your body’s wisdom & ancient tantric technology to increase your capacity for


3-Days of Pleasure Activation

I’ve created this juicy, bite-sized dose of my core teachings into 3 Days of Pleasure Activation delivered directly to your inbox, for FREE.

what i desire for you

Is To be an

Awakened Woman?

My desire for you is to embody a woman who loves herself. A woman who loves herself will never question herself. She trusts herself to hold boundaries and to be discerning with her time.

She doesn’t chase, she receives. She doesn’t react, she responds. As a woman who loves herself, you prioritize your feeling better (perhaps pleasure), courageously heal your pass, and delightfully breath into the present moment.

I believe it is women who love themselves that will create a world in which we crave to belong to.
Alila has this uncanny ability to translate subtle yet powerful concepts
about self-awareness into a language you will understand…
Laura Dawn

How I can serve you

Embodied Intimacy Coaching

It’s my belief that all of our experiences, no matter how challenging, can be a road back to love and it’s my passion to guide you there.

I will say the things that most won’t and see the things that most can’t. I work deeply and effectively to support you embodying a version of yourself that you fall in love with every day.


Enter the fragrant room where the feminine roses are watered, honored, and blossom open.

Shop the highest echelon of women’s holistic wellness, self-care and preventative practices. Feeling good is not a luxury, it’s a daily ritual.


What was once only taught to the privileged seekers and renunciats, is now available in the privacy of your own home in a modern, engaging and loving package.

Join a life-changing virtual immersion on all things sacred and intimate.

Your body is not a mystery, it’s a miracle.




I laugh too loud at all the wrong times, am an overly-enthused optimist, am obsessed with consciously mothering my 5 yr old daughter and am deeply passionate about supporting all souls to be more Loving.

I spontaneously found my yoga mat (and my first spiritual mentor) in 2001 after graduating from high school. After seriously feeling like I did not belong at a big university, I moved back to the town I grew up in to attend a smaller school, daily yoga classes and have access to organic nutrition.

After practically forcing myself through to graduation in a mainstream system, I sold my car and all my belongings and bought my first one way plane ticket to explore the world…

My adventurous Sagittarian self had me around the globe (a few times) seeking everywhere I could for what felt like the Truth. My trails have taken me to the highest mountain peaks, living in silence in an ashram with a shaved head and to the depths of the ocean floor, being initiated by the dolphins and whales. I spent almost a decade living in service to the world and traveling at the whim of my desires on a one-way train, bus or plane ticket.

For many years I uncontrollably pendulated between high and low, light and dark, left hand tantra vs right hand tantra, a life in service vs a life half asleep. It took me a looooooog time and a whole lot of tools to settle into myself and my mission.

I am confident my lessons learned on the road brought me here to you, fully resourced and in service of returning you to the core of who you are and becoming everything you are meant to be.

show me the places you do not love so

I know where to begin.

Love Letters

Steam Queen
The best way to start to explore your femininity.​
Breast Friends
A Self-Love Massage Salonette​
Period Alchemy
Period Alchemy is where science marries womb consciousness.​
Empress Way

5 week LIVE Yoni Egg Initiation Course​

V-Steam Academy
Ready to become a full spectrum vaginal steaming facilitator? This is for you.​
1:1 Embodied Intimacy
Intimate 1:1 Container for your tailored pathway to embodied self-mastery
All access pass to the entire Online Mystery School library

Discover Your Roadmap to

Feminine Mastery

Meet me at the trailhead of your step-by-step journey to the peak of your embodiment. If you are ready to expand your capacity for life, follow the spiral to the center.
Our body is our
original mother tongue
-Esther Perel

10 Things I've learnt from 15+ years of being an

Embodied Intimacy Coach

  • Our body always knows.
  • The truth is Love.
  • We can heal, repair and thrive no matter what our circumstances have been.
  • Increasing our capacity for joy is fundamental for stretching our capacity for the rest of life (money, intimacy, partnership, health, mission, etc)
  • Only when we feel safe to receive something will we actually receive it.
  • Deep embodied intimacy is the most sacred beautiful gift we can experience as humans inside our bodies.
  • We ALL have a unique soul message and encoding to share at this precious time on the planet.
  • Pleasure is a doorway, and all bodies have access to it.
  • The vagina is the most mysterious, glorious and holy portal on the planet.
  • The slower you enter, the deeper you go.
Through in-depth studies of psychology, the psyche, all textures of the female landscape, embodied intimacy, ancient tantric arts, somatic skills, the art of ritual, nervous system repair and decades of tracking hundreds of souls (crossing language and cultural barriers) on their journey,

I’m here in full service and support of your juicy awakening.